Wall Street Journal - Dec 16 2019 - Well, Looky!

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Clues Answers
“Frankenstein” flunky IGOR
“Gosh darn it!” OHHELL
“Hedda Gabler” playwright IBSEN
“In my opinion, we shouldn’t” ISAYNO
“That smarts!” OUCH
“The Matrix” hero NEO
“___ of Two Cities” ATALE
Animal’s lair DEN
Assuming leadership TAKINGTHEREINS
Awesome, in slang LIT
Ballerina’s wear TUTU
Be successful at a joust UNSADDLE
Boom of the early 21st century DOTCOMEXPLOSION
Bring on board EMPLOY
Catch-all abbr ETC
Clickable picture ICON
Coaster feature LOOP
Comic’s forte WIT
Cowhand’s workplace RANCH
Enter one’s online credentials LOGIN
Eye creepily OGLE
Fellow mentioned in “I Am the Walrus” EGGMAN
First word of a children’s game HIDE
Flanders of “The Simpsons” NED
Follower’s suffix IST
Gardener’s storage site SHED
Giveaways at the poker table TELLS
Goofing off IDLE
Grueling test ORAL
Gusher gush OIL
Has permission to MAY
High point ZENITH
Holiday jingles NOELS
Home in the branches NEST
In a snug manner COZILY
Item shown at a security checkpoint IDCARD
Clues Answers
Jason Bateman series on Netflix OZARK
Last word of a children’s game SEEK
Like Lindbergh’s flight SOLO
Luck-less team, as of late 2019 THECOLTS
M.B.A. or Ph.D DEG
Middle word of a children’s game AND
Mountaineer’s rest point LEDGE
Mystique AURA
Narrow passage of water: Abbr STR
OutKast rapper Big ___ BOI
Particles with pluses or minuses IONS
Pastry chef, at times ICER
Pine or poplar TREE
Playbill listing CAST
Prefix for second or technology NANO
Queen ballad that suggests “Fly away, far away” SPREADYOURWINGS
Shocking device TASER
Shooting sport SKEET
Skater’s leap AXEL
Ski resort near Salt Lake City ALTA
Slurped dish SOUP
Sound effect used by bats ECHO
Speaker’s platform DAIS
Spike Lee’s “She’s ___ Have It” GOTTA
Stand up to DEFY
States subject to swings MOODS
Tattoo shop PARLOR
They often throw shade ELMS
Tubular pasta ZITI
Tuna at a sushi bar AHI
Verizon competitor ATT
Warrior played by Lucy Lawless XENA
What an adjective modifies NOUN
Word on some birth announcements GIRL
Worthless person GOODFORNOTHING
Yale of Yale ELIHU
___ Lingus (Irish carrier) AER