New York Times - Dec 16 2019

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Clues Answers
'Dear ___ Hansen' (Broadway hit) EVAN
'My bad!' OOPS
'The ___ thickens' PLOT
'Unbelievable!' GEEZ
*Container for a Kellogg's cereal RICEKRISPIESBOX
*Reputed place at the North Pole SANTASWORKSHOP
*Trilogy set in Middle-earth, with 'The' LORDOFTHERINGS
A.M.A. members DRS
Actor Epps of 'House' OMAR
Altered version of a song REMIX
Amenity at most hotels and airports FREEWIFI
Animated lead singer of the Pussycats JOSIE
Arena section TIER
Author Zora ___ Hurston NEALE
Banned insecticide DDT
Bell-ringing makeup company AVON
Biblical boat ARK
Candlemaker's supply WAX
Celestial explosion NOVA
Choreographer Alvin AILEY
Computer command to go back UNDO
Created a tapestry WOVE
Cunning SLY
Early April zodiac sign ARIES
Ending with Capitol or Faith HILL
Folk singer and protester Joan BAEZ
Furry swimmer OTTER
Google alternative BING
Grp. to call for a tow AAA
Hair on a horse or a lion MANE
Harsh light GLARE
Hockey Hall-of-Famer Bobby ORR
Is of use to AVAILS
Jon Bon Jovi or Simon Le Bon ROCKSTAR
Kind of test whose answers can't be erased ORAL
Largest city in the United Arab Emirates DUBAI
Leave off, as the last letter in this clu OMIT
Links legend Palmer, familiarly ARNIE
Clues Answers
Lively for one's age SPRY
Make a mental image of ENVISAGE
Marsh plant REED
McEntire of country music REBA
Miller ___ (low-calorie beer) LITE
Muscle pain ACHE
Nag, nag, nag BADGER
Name of many Norwegian kings OLAV
Nasty comments BARBS
Once around the sun YEAR
One more than bi- TRI
Orange root vegetable YAM
Otherworldly glow AURA
Physical expression of frustration, in modern lingo HEADDESK
Plays a round GOLFS
Poll finding, perhaps TREND
Positive response YES
Pub offerings ALES
Published RAN
Recurring Tyler Perry movie role MADEA
Riding the waves ASEA
Singer/songwriter Redding OTIS
Slender woodwind OBOE
Spiky plant with soothing juice ALOE
The white stuff in an orange PITH
Typeface alternative to Helvetica ARIAL
Unite JOIN
Unpredictable, in an unwanted way DICEY
Wander about ROVE
What the answer to each of the starred clues has ELVES
What the I.R.S. collects TAXES
Wicked EVIL
Wine barrel wood OAK
Words at a swearing-in ceremony OATH
Words before and after 'or not' in a Shakespeare quote TOBE
Wryly humorous DROLL
[Just like that, it's gone!] POOF
___ hostel (inexpensive accommodations) YOUTH
___ Noël (boss of 65-Across, in France) PERE