The Washington Post Sunday - Dec 15 2019

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Clues Answers
'Begin the Beguine' songwriter COLEPORTER
'Game of Thrones' assassin whose name sounds like a song ARYA
'I do, that's who!' SAYSME
'I Don't Sleep, I Dream' band, aptly REM
'I'll do it' SURE
'I'm not a fatalist. Even if I was, what could I do about it?' speaker Philips EMO
'Sales' or 'tax' preceder ESTATE
'Stranger Things' actor Schnapp NOAH
'Thor' actress Russo RENE
'You nailed it!' NICEJOB
'Young Love' singer Lieb ELI
1995 Sandra Bullock cyberthriller THENET
A on a German test? EINE
Action film weapon UZI
African currency that's in its country's name LEONE
Alerted, in a way RANG
All-too-familiar expression? BEENTHEREDONETHAT
Antlered creature whose name consists of two different animals MULEDEER
Band in a pool bar STRIPE
Beer container STEIN
Behavior patterns WONTS
Bills passed in D.C. (and in every other city) ONES
Boxes on stage AMPS
Built earlier PREMADE
Careless REMISS
Charismatic leader's problematic following CULTOFPERSONALITY
Close NEAR
Colorful pieces from a navel coat ORANGEZEST
Computer code IPADDRESS
Computer support? DESK
Converged MET
Cross SPAN
Dana who provided the voice of Master Shake on 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force' SNYDER
Dark band piece ONYX
Delhi bread NAAN
Delhi bread ROTI
Della with seven NAACP Image Awards REESE
Discombobulate FAZE
Disliked MINDED
Dismiss, as a sick student SENDHOME
Do some prying ASK
Element No. 11 SODIUM
Emulates a T. rex, supposedly ROARS
Exhibit hero worship ADULATE
Feeling of discomfiture UNEASE
Final school period, perhaps SENIORYEAR
Find a new residence RESETTLE
Game manual section RULES
Grace verb BLESS
Handlebar, e.g., briefly STACHE
High-speed attire GSUIT
Inactive individual IDLER
Informal folks? MAANDPA
Instagram tool FILTER
Isn't straight up TILTS
Japanese model also known as the MX-5 MAZDAMIATA
José Altuve's team ASTROS
Jump shot's path ARC
King Carl XVI Gustaf, for example SWEDE
Knock down a peg DEBASE
Lab access? PETDOOR
Language spoken on the Horn of Africa SOMALI
Letters written in reply to a story that shouldn't have gone public TMI
Lie atop RESTON
Like Chewbacca HAIRY
Clues Answers
Like the truth, from liars BENT
Like the wine mixed with iocane powder in 'The Princess Bride' POISONED
Lines on some grids ROADS
Lionel with many goals MESSI
Loquacious sort GASBAG
Loud speakers, often ORATORS
Maker of parts COMB
Many a millennial during the 1990s TWEEN
Mends, as breeches DARNS
More rough, as a voice HOARSER
Namesake of a Queens stadium that anagrams to the namesake of a former Queens stadium ASHE
Nesting place with nests ROOKERY
Offerings from TV's Crypt Keeper TALES
Oklahoman people OTOE
Old news, e.g OXYMORON
One involved in heated online debates, in slang KEYBOARDWARRIOR
Oscar-winning 'Bohemian Rhapsody' actor Malek RAMI
Oscar-winning 'I, Tonya' actress Janney ALLISON
Parks depicted in Faith Ringgold's children's book 'If a Bus Could Talk' ROSA
Pessimistic ass EEYORE
Pick up with one's head LEARN
Piece of rope FIBER
Pike propellers FINS
Porcine : sows :: ovine : ___ EWES
Preserves, as cod SALTS
Put in, as input ENTER
Quarrel ROW
Quartet TETRAD
Quirky habit TIC
Religious profession, perhaps TENET
Request mercy, say PLEAD
Respect ADMIRE
Richard Pryor-Gene Wilder film involving mistaken identity ANOTHERYOU
Riding activity DRESSAGE
Sandwich seller CAFE
Santa Fe or Tucson, e.g AUTO
Sea that's a woman's name in reverse ARAL
Shapes of nuts HEXAGONS
Sites of irritation SORES
Some fantasy beings SPRITES
Some Renaissance Faire garments CORSETS
Some whiskey options RYES
Southeast France region RHONE
Steeped beverage with floral notes JASMINETEA
Straight up ERECT
Take flight before a honeymoon ELOPE
Take place? OPED
They throw shade outside of stores AWNINGS
Things that may be raised on a coaster ARMS
Thompson of 'What Up With That?' sketches KENAN
Thrashes ROUTS
Tombstone figure whose own tombstone is in Colma, Calif EARP
Triangle used by a shark RACK
Vehicle in a mountain ORECAR
Vox co-founder Yglesias MATTHEW
Waters in D.C MAXINE
What you might use to expunge F's from your records? ERASER
What's for lunch REPAST
Word on Irish planes AER
Worker mixing up notes? STENO
Wraps up ENDS
___ Munich (German football club) BAYERN
___ spot HOT