Universal - Dec 15 2019

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Clues Answers
"Awesome!" COOLBEANS
"Awesome!" MINDBLOWN
"Insecure" star ISSARAE
"Lemme!" IWANNA
"Let's ___ it a day" CALL
"Now, nurse!" STAT
"The Wife" star Close GLENN
(Check this out!) PSST
Achieves a status beyond compare STANDSALONE
Address for a superior MADAM
Advocate strongly URGE
Appetizers often wrapped with rice paper SPRINGROLLS
Apt cup brand for sweet tea? DIXIE
Assumed name ALIAS
Auction off SELL
Bead of dew DROPLET
Big fuss ADO
Bit of deception LIE
Body double? CLONE
Boggy place MIRE
Business card abbr. near Tel EXT
Coagulate CLOT
Common ID SSN
Confined, with "up" COOPED
Contribute PITCHIN
Daydreamed MOONED
Doing nothing IDLE
Gave a hoot CARED
Golf clubs with big heads WOODS
Gym sessions that may include lunges LEGDAYS
Hair holder CLIP
Hang loose LOLL
Clues Answers
Have high hopes ASPIRE
Hebrew "A" ALEPH
In a slump, as a batter HITLESS
Japanese beer brand ASAHI
Japanese sport SUMO
Kind of illusion OPTICAL
Like already-cut logs SAWN
Lucy of "Why Women Kill" LIU
Luxury hotel chain LOEWS
Medicine experts HEALERS
Mends, as socks DARNS
Monetary advance LOAN
Parachute parts CORDS
PC linkup LAN
Potato pounders MASHERS
Rare eye color HAZEL
Relatives of alpacas LLAMAS
Roomy carrier HOLDALL
Roomy carrier TOTEBAG
SAT ___ book PREP
Snow day coasters SLEDS
So-so MEH
Starting place? WOMB
That and that THOSE
The "B" of N.B BENE
They have bridges and passages NOSES
They might be manicured LAWNS
Twitter titter LOL
University with its own shade of blue YALE
Volcanic Sicilian wine region ETNA
West who was in Westerns MAE
What just isn't right? WRONG
Whirls SPINS
Wight, for one ISLE
Yellowfin tuna AHI
___ & Perrins LEA