Wall Street Journal - Dec 14 2019 - Why Bother?

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Clues Answers
“A Little Priest” from “Sweeney Todd,” e.g DUET
“At Seventeen” singer Janis IAN
“Don’t budge!” STAYHERE
“Easy to Be Hard” show HAIR
“Evita” lyricist TIMRICE
“Gigi” star CARON
“See if I care!” SOSUEME
“Skedaddle!” SCAT
“Wow!” GOSH
“___ ain’t broke...” IFIT
A month abroad ENERO
A pop EACH
Anise-flavored liqueurs OUZOS
Anna and Elsa’s quarrel? FROZENFEUD
Arguing ATIT
Artist Chagall MARC
Barcelona boy NINO
Beginning ASOF
Belittle ABASE
Berle’s avuncular nickname MILTIE
Bigger than med LGE
Born in France NEE
Breakfast dish PORRIDGE
Bright and cheery SUNNY
Bring to a boil ENRAGE
Buffalo Bill’s surname CODY
Catcher-turned-spy Berg MOE
Cellist with 18 Grammys YOYOMA
Cheshire Cat trademark GRIN
Chu ___ (Chinese philosopher) HSI
Churning out book after book, say PROLIFIC
Cluster GROUP
Colleague of John, Clarence, Ruth, Stephen, Samuel, Elena, Neil and Brett SONIA
Colorful Eurasian birds BLUETITS
Crooner Michael BOLTON
Cruise vehicle MOVIE
Custer’s problem at Little Bighorn? FEWFIGHTERS
Directional suffix ERN
Dispatched SENT
Do some brainstorming IDEATE
Do some tailoring SEW
Economize SCRIMP
Empty BARE
Established SET
Exile on Dagobah YODA
Existed in the past WERE
Far from fresh OLD
Fed. biomedical agcy NIH
Flow of agua RIO
Forerunner of Carson and Fallon PAAR
Furious feeling IRE
Garr of “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” TERI
Gave the once-over EYED
Go astray ERR
Got mushy MELTED
Gotham City tycoon WAYNE
Govt. org. that aids entrepreneurs SBA
Grow wider DILATE
Immigrant’s subj ESL
Inc. relatives LLCS
Inclined ASLOPE
Inconsistent SPOTTY
Islands dish POI
Japan’s prime minister ABE
Keats works ODES
Lennon’s love ONO
Like 1954’s “A Star Is Born” in 2018 REMADE
Clues Answers
Like many radios AMFM
Like some nuts SALTED
Like some salad dressings ONIONY
Like the Fr. “terre” or Ger. “Erde” FEM
Little devils IMPS
Massage locale SPA
Mathematician Turing ALAN
Mediator’s position INBETWEEN
Miner’s evaluation OREASSAY
Name that’s an Italian number OTTO
Nearsighted ones MYOPES
Norwegian tour guide? FJORDESCORT
Not just see RAISE
Olive or hazel TREE
On the briny ASEA
Onetime co-host of Kathie Lee REGIS
Other, in Oaxaca OTRA
Pallid WAN
Possible result of saying 6-Down CIVILCASE
Printer’s dagger OBELUS
Promise VOW
Put out ISSUED
Put to the test PROVE
Reclusive tycoon’s favorite color? HUGHESHUE
Response to “Grazie!” PREGO
Retired prof’s title EMERITA
Roadies’ burdens AMPS
Roll call no-show AWOL
Sanctified BLEST
Score in charades? MUTEPOINT
Scottish baron THANE
Selfish friend USER
Set the pace LED
Shoe insert ODOREATER
Since Jan. 1 YTD
Sinuous fish EELS
Slogan of supporters of Russia’s status quo? NYETCHANGE
Smallville girl LANA
Solitary LONE
Some prehistoric sheep? PRIMORDIALEWES
Some socks ARGYLES
Some tomatoes ROMAS
Sound from a cat fancier’s phone? MEWEDRING
Sphere opening STRATO
Start of a conclusion ERGO
Still developing INUTERO
Student’s focus MAJOR
Sweetums DEAR
Teen fave IDOL
Tennis great Arthur ASHE
To counterpart FRO
Tolkien creature ENT
TV network, e.g AIRER
Underwear fabric TRICOT
Unexciting DRY
University in Bethlehem LEHIGH
Unsavory urges? GROSSYEARNINGS
Vienna premiere of April 1805 EROICA
Volcano near Catania ETNA
Volt squared per watt OHM
Wander aimlessly GAD
Western gambling center RENO
What V-J Day ended WWII
Whopper part BEEFPATTY
Winnebago tribe OTOE
Worker in a garden BEE