New York Times - Dec 13 2019

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Clues Answers
'The ___!' (insulted person's cry) NERVE
'Want help?' NEEDAHAND
'Well done,' in Italian MOLTOBENE
Aconcagua is its highest point ANDES
Actor Alfie of 'Game of Thrones' ALLEN
An early withdrawal from this incurs a penalty, in brief IRA
Asia's shrunken ___ Sea ARAL
Athlete/model Gabrielle REECE
Bartlett alternative BOSC
Beef alternative VEAL
Beverage marketed as a blend of 23 different flavors DRPEPPER
Breakfast bowlful MUESLI
Clichéd company claim WECARE
Detangle UNSNAG
Direct REFER
Doesn't leave hungry SATES
Event studied in eschatology, with 'the' END
Extraordinarily ULTRA
Fabric in theater curtains SCRIM
Fidget spinners or Furbys, once FAD
Fifth-century military leader ATTILA
Game with a four-colored deck UNO
Give a breather SPELL
Grant CEDE
Heavenly instrument HARP
Heavenly instrument LYRE
Hose, e.g LEGWEAR
Instinctual GUT
Issue EMIT
It's a start FIRSTSTEP
Its highest score is 5, in brief APTEST
Jungian principle ANIMA
Landlady on 'I Love Lucy' ETHEL
Mature, as a forest OLDGROWTH
Clues Answers
Mental notes? EARWORMS
Musician who won the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature DYLAN
National park west of Calgary BANFF
Non-English letter used in set theory ALEPH
Noodle dish served with bean sprouts PADTHAI
Noted name in whiskey DEWAR
Old TV actress Swenson INGA
Pages, e.g AIDES
Participant in a joust STEED
Place where mud and stones might be found SPA
Platinum-certified country album of 1988 REBA
Poet who wrote 'We loved with a love that was more than love' POE
Protest loudly RAIL
See 34-Across NICE
Skintight swimwear for a surfer RASHGUARD
So-called 'hippie-mobile,' for short VWBUS
Some crust contents ORES
Straight DUE
Stream BROOK
Strengths ASSETS
Symbol of time elapsed in 'Beauty and the Beast' ROSEPETAL
Treat rarely prepared indoors SMORE
Uncaged, perhaps FREERANGE
Upright, maybe PIANO
Wally's sitcom brother, with 'the' BEAV
When to go on a run SKISEASON
Where cash goes to waist? MONEYBELT
Where many snowbirds winter, for short BOCA
Whole bunch HOST
Winter event near a beach POLARBEARPLUNGE
With 20-Across, 'Well done!' VERY
Word before and after 'a' MANO
___ Blakely, Spanx founder and self-made billionaire SARA
___ home RAM
___-de-Marne (French department) VAL