The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 1504

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Clues Answers
A court drama, in part ACT
Ad lib is put in to make enhancement IMPROVISE
Belief about timeless perfume being a high point CRESCENDO
Body of troops with British equipment — nowadays European? BRIGADE
Broadcasting a current band AIRING
Colour of bird down peacock blue
Determining one’s position flying into Tangier orientating
Feeling low key MOOD
Finest — and worst? BEST
Foolish king put outside home in a row LINEAR
In tent, ravers all find trip over TRAVERSAL
Mob boa wriggling in grass BAMBOO
Mostly trim and cut root vegetable PARSNIP
Clues Answers
Not working after rent swindle rip-off
Picture that is cut by magazine IMAGE
Policeman in charge introduced to volunteer OFFICER
Quiet desire for witch hunt? PURGE
Refuse space for car without key GARBAGE
Say nice things to father holding milky coffee FLATTER
Stole line written by playwright SHAWL
Take a number back NET
To ease, go through again putting in English RELIEVE
What serves diners a feta-rice mix? CAFETERIA
What’s regularly used for impair? MAR
Who has first of weddings in Reno overturned OWNER
Writing fluid colour lacks power INK