- Dec 12 2019

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Clues Answers
''Done!'' THERE
''__ next step . . .'' ASA
A ''miso-'' person HATER
Allude (to) REFER
Amount prescribed DOSE
Asking for hay, perhaps MOOING
Besides AND
Candle remnant STUB
Ceremonial hammers GAVELS
Certain plane preference AISLESEAT
Charged atom ION
Chop down HEW
Compass reading ENE
Cuban dance CONGA
Day or night NOUN
Door-holding wedges SHIMS
Driver's device STEERINGWHEEL
Ducks, on NHL scoreboards ANA
Falcon's home AERIE
Freshly AGAIN
Gardener's supply SEEDS
Genesis twin ESAU
Gift wrapper's supply TISSUE
Goes last ENDS
Gull cousins TERNS
Halloween Safety Mo OCT
Horse opera seat WESTERNSADDLE
Hunt for SEEK
Image on an arm TAT
Immediately following HEREON
Is cognizant of KNOWS
Islamic sect SUNNI
It's north of Carson City RENO
John Glenn, in WWII MARINE
Kid's party wear HAT
Lacking street smarts NAIVE
Metaphor for gloom CLOUD
Mimic cruelly MOCK
Mineral in geodes AGATE
Clues Answers
Modify slightly TWEAK
Mud bath establishments SPAS
Mythical equine UNICORN
Nun's title SISTER
Omen observer SEER
Opposite of ''Atten-hut!'' ASYOUWERE
Outdoor climber IVY
Overconfident Aesopian beast HARE
Ozone emanation ODOR
Paycheck amount NET
People-moving company OTIS
Periods of history AGES
Price to play ANTE
Protective sponsorship AEGIS
Region due east of Rhode Island IBERIA
River near Rugby AVON
Run into MEET
Senseless IDLE
Server with a spigot URN
Slighter LESS
Small musical ensemble TRIO
Something extra ADDON
Source of home heating OVEN
Sport with a bullpen RODEO
Steed speed GAIT
Stringent HARSH
Suffix for select IVE
Surpassed OUTDONE
Sushi bar selection ROE
They're a scream RIOTS
Thinks much of ESTEEMS
Traffic (in) TRADE
Undamaged INTACT
Waiting room fixture TVSET
Water seen in Sudan NILE
When bats fly NIGHT
Whirl on one foot PIVOT
Whole bunch RAFT
__ Eminence (Vatican title) HIS