The Sun - Two Speed - Dec 12 2019

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Clues Answers
African carnivore HYENA
African nation GHANA
Apes or birds PARROTS
Author Levin seen in Admiralty IRA
Burn with water SCALD
Cathedral cleric's second one ousted MINSTER
Copies (informal) PARROTS
Covetousness AVARICE
DIY nut disorganised and messy UNTIDY
Drama style TRAGEDY
Ducks victim to large raptor OSPREY
Extra-terrestrial ALIEN
Fish hawk OSPREY
Franco-German affirmations for board OUIJA
French military police GENDARMES
George Gershwin's brother IRA
Ground near the middle? EARTH
Gunman in bargain with monarch SNIPER
Hear about ancient disaster TRAGEDY
High horse that's hard to get off? PEGASUS
Hostile to giant as insane AGAINST
Inactive DORMANT
Lads drunk outside clubs to cause injury SCALD
Large church MINSTER
Lovely morning in squirrel house DREAMY
Nice police officers? Not civil! GENDARMES
Not changing costume UNIFORM
Not neat UNTIDY
Clues Answers
Our planet EARTH
Pigment DYE
Pleasantly unreal DREAMY
Refurbish or reset somehow RESTORE
Renovate RESTORE
Richard Starkey's stage surname STARR
Ringo given shiner by Romeo STARR
Rodent eats one with a curry side RAITA
Scavenger one spotted laughing say? HYENA
Second and third in race runners-up
Security is brought back into store DEPOSIT
Sediment DEPOSIT
Sharpshooter SNIPER
Sin from vicar treated in A&E AVARICE
Sleeping party worker takes room inside DORMANT
Some soup as tasty as spaghetti? PASTA
Some used yellow henna DYE
Some weigh an animal in the country GHANA
Spiritualist's item OUIJA
Strange film with Sigourney Weaver ALIEN
Street jargon SLANG
Trattoria fare PASTA
Tricky snag involving student in loose language SLANG
Unvarying UNIFORM
We weren't first knights mad pursuer has trapped runners-up
Winged steed PEGASUS
Yoghurt-based dish RAITA