Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Jan 3 2020

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Clues Answers
'Excellent!' SUPERB
Accomplishment FEAT
Arrears DEBT
Automatic, as a reaction KNEEJERK
Beatnik's assent IDIG
Black, in verse EBON
Bond rating AAA
Born NEE
Bristle AWN
Bryn — MAWR
Campus bigwig DEAN
Cannes milk LAIT
Col. Sanders' chain KFC
Come into view EMERGE
Comedian Sandler ADAM
Command to Rover SIT
Conked out DIED
Crucial KEY
Encounters MEETS
Evening, in an ad NITE
Fine, to NASA AOK
Fireplace residue ASH
First victim ABEL
Flavor enhancer, for short MSG
Fortas and Lincoln ABES
Fusses TODOS
Gabriel, for one ANGEL
Gift from Santa TOY
Gilpin of 'Frasier' PERI
Have OWN
Head, to Henri TETE
Clues Answers
Hideaway LAIR
Hourglass fill SAND
Japanese noodle UDON
Jewish folklore figure GOLEM
Like some boots or socks KNEEHIGH
Liniment targets ACHES
Locale SITE
Mama — Elliot CASS
Man of morals? AESOP
Mater lead-in ALMA
Modern taxi rival UBER
Noon, on a sundial XII
Old Oldsmobile REO
Pager sound BEEP
Personal account ANECDOTE
Plumbing problem DRIP
Pondered MUSED
Prefix with natal NEO
Pt. of a sentence SUBJ
Quad-strengthening exercise KNEEBEND
Recognized KNEW
Seriously embroiled KNEEDEEP
Shoppe description OLDE
Shortened wd ABBR
Sleuth Wolfe NERO
Swindles CONS
Thor's father ODIN
Trucker with a handle CBER
Walrus tooth TUSK
Winged ALAR