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Clues Answers
'Bali —' HAI
'Despicable Me' villain GRU
'Gil Blas' novelist Alain-René — LESAGE
'I see mice!' EEK
'I'm so frustrated!' AARGH
'Infinite' rapper EMINEM
'Show me' LETSSEE
'— so you!' ITS
'— to you!' HERES
16-Down, to Jacob TWIN
Actress Messing DEBRA
All across the region AREAWIDE
Alphas' opposites OMEGAS
And not NOR
Annual ritzy NYC fundraising event METGALA
Antiquing aid AGER
Apple option IMAC
Autos such as Gremlins and Pacers AMCS
Autumn chill NIP
Ball of mashed chickpeas FALAFEL
Balm plants ALOES
Belgian river YSER
Betelgeuse or Antares REDSTAR
Biblical birthright seller ESAU
Big pet food brand IAMS
Bit of pasta that's really hard to find? NOODLEINAHAYSTACK
Blemish-resistant bar seat? STAINLESSSTOOL
Blueprint DESIGN
Bodily pouch SAC
Botching an April 1 prank? NOTFOOLINGWELL
Bronze metal ZINC
Brunei locale ASIA
Bully's threat ender ORELSE
Butter holder TUB
Cartoonist Addams CHAS
Celestial instrument HARP
Clangor DIN
Close, as a community TIGHTKNIT
College town in North Carolina ELON
Crops up ARISES
Decide on Domino's for dinner? CHOOSEPIZZA
Decorative pins worn by jockeys? RIDINGBROOCHES
Dewy, e.g WET
Dive to attack with perfect form? MAKEACLEANSWOOP
Duck cousin SWAN
Ear-related AURAL
Earth lighter SUN
Electees, say INS
Examined by touching PALPATED
Explorer Vasco da — GAMA
Film score composer Schifrin LALO
Final washer phase SPINCYCLE
Flagged auto CAB
Former NFLer Merlin OLSEN
French river or department OISE
Furry fruit KIWI
Grain beard AWN
Greek letter PSI
Hard trial ORDEAL
Hardly tidy MESSY
Harvestable RIPE
Have pain from bending forward too sharply? PAYASTOOPPRICE
Hem, e.g SEW
High point PEAK
How balloons float INAIR
Iago's wife EMILIA
Ickily sticky GOOEY
In any way ATALL
Indian city on the Yamuna River AGRA
Indian city on the Yamuna River DELHI
Clues Answers
Interstices GAPS
Israel's Abba EBAN
Lilted syllable TRA
Los Angeles' Playa — Rey DEL
Lt.'s inferior NCO
Lt.'s inferior ENS
Lyric penner Gershwin IRA
Maestro Toscanini ARTURO
Male flower part STAMEN
Mao — -tung TSE
Mean whale ORCA
Monet, say ARTIST
More hideous UGLIER
More plucky GAMIER
Neeson of 'Darkman' LIAM
Noted Deco master ERTE
Off-Broadway prize OBIE
Olive of 'Popeye' OYL
One-named sports legend PELE
Opiate, e.g DRUG
Paradise EDEN
Person rubbing it in GLOATER
Petty quarrel SPAT
Pigeon noise COO
Power-supplying socket ACOUTLET
Prefix with warrior ECO
Prof's deg PHD
Quantity in a narc's bust KILO
Raiment GARB
Rangers' and Rays' gp MLB
Regular practices HABITS
Reverse alphabetical order ZTOA
Rocket paths ARCS
Rub out ERASE
Saldana of the screen ZOE
Sentry allowing nobody to nap? SNOOZEGUARD
She baas EWE
Ship off, say SEND
Shoulder-hugging, horn-honking driver? TOOTERONTHEEDGE
Simple shed LEANTO
Smart — (know-it-all) ALECK
Spain's El — CID
Spanish for 'that' ESO
Swab MOP
Taylor of 'Cleopatra,' for short LIZ
Teapot part SPOUT
Texter's 'I think ...' IMO
Thief's bagful LOOT
Thin and supple LITHE
Tire type RADIAL
Tolkien terrorizers ORCS
Toy train, when doubled CHOO
Trump replaced him OBAMA
TV actress Swenson INGA
TV spots ADS
United ONE
Up to, informally TIL
Up — (stymied) ATREE
Vehicle in a chase scene COPCAR
Volkswagen model PASSAT
Warehouse platform PALLET
Water, to Gigi EAU
Work layoff, slangily THEAX
Yellow-and-black bird ORIOLE
— -fi movie SCI
— gow (casino option) PAI
— Lanka SRI
— liver (meat product) CALFS
— roll (hot) ONA
— suit (1940s duds) ZOOT