New York Times - Dec 11 2019

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Clues Answers
'America' begins and ends with this SCHWA
'Das Lied von der Erde' composer MAHLER
'Grease' song with onomatopoeic lyrics WEGOTOGETHER
'L'___ c'est moi' (declaration of Louis XIV) ETAT
'Rats!' CRUD
Australian wind instrument DIDGERIDOO
Brand of cooking spray PAM
Brand of shoes and handbags ALDO
Build up charges RUNATAB
Carnival fare on a stick CORNDOG
Cavernous opening MAW
Commencement ONSET
Confucian path to enlightenment TAO
Contribute ADD
Cost-controlling W.W. II org OPA
Decorative garden element WATERFEATURE
Dot follower COM
Dungeons & Dragons figure OGRE
École attendee ELEVE
Engage in conflict WAGEWAR
Female role in 'Young Frankenstein' INGA
Fiesta finger food TAPA
Figure on some greeting cards AGE
Frat.'s counterpart SOR
Garment in Gujarat SARI
Gently boosted, as someone's ego STROKED
Greeting card text, often POEM
How seafood may be shipped INICE
Impolite onlooker STARER
Ingredient in a Bahama Mama RUM
It borders Mex TEX
It may be checked at a station OIL
Its members are represented by stars USA
Line heard from the starting line ONYOURMARK
Locale of Charon's ferry STYX
Ltr. accompaniers ENCLS
Clues Answers
Mafia don, for one CRIMEBOSS
Map abbr. before 1991 SSR
Members of a flock EWES
Mother of Castor and Pollux LEDA
Nickname for Louis Armstrong SATCH
Old story MYTH
One who's not 'it' HIDER
Onetime instant-messaging app GCHAT
Overwhelms SWAMPS
Pandemonium HAVOC
Penner of the line 'Language is wine upon the lips' WOOLF
Petulant WASPISH
Phrase in an article on grown-up child stars, perhaps ... or a hint to this puzzle's circled squares THENANDNOW
Pinochle plays MELDS
Put pen to paper WROTE
Racetrack ratio ODDS
Reuters or Bloomberg NEWSAGENCY
Rigel's constellation ORION
Some terminals ANODES
Sound of a penny dropping? AHA
Steed stopper REIN
Swear AVOW
Target for a phlebotomist VEIN
Their days are numbered MONTHS
Thin rope CORD
Tint HUE
Tolstoy heroine ANNA
Travels (about) GADS
Unabridged ENTIRE
Wielders of the dark side of the Force SITH
Window boxes, for short ACS
Winter milestone FIRSTSNOW
Word of greeting or farewell SHALOM
Worries STEWS
[Like magic!] POOF
___ Blanc, highest of the Alps MONT
___ interface USER
___-mo SLO