Wall Street Journal - Dec 11 2019 - Trickery

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Clues Answers
“That’s my cue!” IMON
Accompanying, in Avignon AVEC
Acoustic guitar genre FOLK
Andean camelid LLAMA
Asimov’s Cutie, e.g ROBOT
Austen heroine EMMA
Badly ILL
Baton Rouge sch LSU
Boulevard liners, often ELMS
Box at the box office LOGE
Burn a bit SINGE
Center of activity HUB
Cheat, of a sort ADULTERER
Choir voice ALTO
Commuter’s banter? RAILRAILLERY
Cooker with a basket FRYER
Critics’ concern ARTS
Damage MAR
Emit effluvium REEK
Fix, as text EMEND
Flowing rock LAVA
Foil alternative SABER
Food in an edible shell TACO
Give the slip to LOSE
Golfer’s case of the nerves YIPS
Green feature HOLE
Head honcho BOSS
Hug providers ARMS
Inadequate adulation? FLATFLATTERY
Initiate cordial conversation, metaphorically BREAKTHEICE
It takes turns in a shop LATHE
Just one of those things THAT
Language with Sanskrit borrowings THAI
Letter that looks like a flipped y LAMBDA
Lurch REEL
Many a Moroccan ARAB
Mark on a graph PLOT
Methane’s lack ODOR
Clues Answers
Milk source UDDER
Mustang mother MARE
Nashville-to-New York dir ENE
Nostalgic topic GOODOLDDAYS
Notion IDEA
Number of vowels in “Deutschland” DREI
Object of adoration IDOL
Parisian passion AMOUR
Period in history ERA
Periods in history AGES
Play group TEAM
Plumbing problem LEAK
Posh party GALA
Remove from office OUST
Representative AGENT
Riverbed residue SILT
Runner’s stop BASE
Runs while standing still IDLES
Sci-fi film set aboard the Nostromo ALIEN
Setting for portraits of square dance women? GALGALLERY
Setting of the sun SKY
Shoreline structure PIER
Sister brand of KitchenAid and Maytag AMANA
Sitarist Shankar RAVI
Stick your nose where it doesn’t belong PRY
Strongly felt DEEP
Summer cooler FAN
Sunk in a slough MIRED
Symbolic animal TOTEM
T choice LARGE
Tick off MIFF
Urban oases PARKS
What powers Robin’s flashlight? BATBATTERY
Yak it up GAB
Yours truly MYSELF