New York Times - Dec 10 2019

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Clues Answers
'Mmm!' TASTY
'My bad!' OOPSIE
'That's mine!' GIMME
'The Last O.G.' network TBS
'___ Possible,' 2000s kids' TV show KIM
Actress Campbell of the 'Scream' series NEVE
Aeneas' love DIDO
Alternatives to taxis UBERS
Appends ADDS
At full speed AMAIN
At the big brawl, the hairstylist .. BOBBEDANDWEAVED
At the big brawl, the jazz musician .. CAMEOUTSWINGING
At the big brawl, the king and queen .. PUTUPTHEIRDUKES
Battleship letters USS
Benefiting from benzoyl peroxide, say ACNED
Big bashes FETES
Bombard, as with snowballs PELT
Book that people take an oath on BIBLE
Born, abroad NEE
Bottom, to a Brit ARSE
Bottomless hole ABYSS
California baseballer PADRE
Chicago transports ELS
Condition treated with Ritalin, for short ADHD
Didn't demand ASKED
Dippable snack item NACHOCHIP
Dishonest sort CROOK
Drink that can cause brain freeze ICEE
Fanatical groups CULTS
Father and Holy Ghost go-between SON
Freebie in a hotel bathroom SHAMPOO
Geometry class measure ANGLE
Go ___ over GAGA
Gorged on ATE
Hosp. readout EKG
In dire need of fuel ONEMPTY
In need of refinement CRUDE
Clues Answers
Informed about ABREASTOF
Its symbol resembles a C with two lines across the center EURO
Jimmy of the Daily Planet OLSEN
Lizard in insurance ads GECKO
Mentalist Geller URI
Middle of Caesar's boast ISAW
Muscly BUILT
News letters UPI
Period of time SPELL
Place where customers wear robes SPA
Plotting group CABAL
Pretentious ARTSY
Radiate EMIT
Recessed area in a church APSE
Recessed area in a kitchen NOOK
Reduce in status DOWNGRADE
Refer to CITE
Ryder Cup org PGA
Sass, with 'off' MOUTH
Savory quality, as from MSG UMAMI
Scrollable features of Facebook and Twitter FEEDS
Ship's stabilizer BALLAST
Singer McEntire REBA
Small argument SPAT
Sporting item that may be waxed SKI
Sports org. that sets eligibility requirements NCAA
Subject of the saying 'Leaves of three, let it be' POISONIVY
Title role for Bea Arthur MAUDE
Two tablets or five milliliters, say DOSE
Waze suggestion: Abbr RTE
Went two under par on a hole EAGLED
What you might get offered if you say 'Shake!' PAW
Without purpose IDLY
Yankee nickname until 2016 AROD
___ jumbo MUMBO
___ Tomé and Príncipe SAO