The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 1501

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Clues Answers
A tango in Rio leading to relationship RATIO
Aloof, I’d upset street worker DISTANT
As you say, an inducement, moderate ABATE
At work see about upper limit, finding way out ESCAPE
Brief minute with the German bodyguard MINDER
Brought up by hero, no-risk metal source iron ore
Calm, extremely sure at romantic meeting SEDATE
Country, say, troika visited regularly SYRIA
Derisive star having no time to meet academic in charge SARDONIC
Dog with hardly any time to come in? CURFEW
English daughter with doubt over cool building EDIFICE
From finalist, a brave attempt STAB
Get tender initially with US soldier on return TWIG
Clues Answers
Girl and boy failing to start — editor cross ANNOYED
Golf side’s sad, wretched existence dogs life
In street I’ve arranged something to assist consumer SERVIETTE
Just love Northern Line railway in the end ONLY
Person’s speciality encountered? That is right METIER
Proud now — unexpectedly getting a fall? DOWNPOUR
Reckless one — drop out TEARAWAY
Second musical instrument cut SHORN
Self-image, say, associated with Oscar EGO
Target excellent month AIM
Tottering, carried G&T in container CARTRIDGE
Tricks female animals, impressing Director-General? DODGES
Trip organised using rep first of all? TOUR