Family Time - Dec 9 2019

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Clues Answers
"American ___" IDOL
"FoxTrot" pet, in the funnies IGUANA
"Turn right" GEE
"Yankee ___ Dandy" DOODLE
"___ I?" (polite question) MAY
"___ reflection ..." UPON
Acorn, in a few years OAK
Add to the kitty ANTE
Adorable little one CUTIE
Air mover FAN
Alluring, for short GLAM
Am for more than one? ARE
Australian bird as tall as you EMU
Battery fluid ACID
Become compost ROT
Bullets, spitballs and arrows AMMO
Character flaw? TYPO
Chop down, as a tree HEW
Commonly brewed item (2 words) TEALEAF
Computer image ICON
Computer input DATA
Exchange, as words BANDY
Fish with an electric charge EEL
Fizzy drink SODA
Funeral bell KNELL
Go off course in your yacht YAW
Grassy field that feeds animals LEA
Have debtors OWE
Hoped-for response YES
Imparted knowledge TAUGHT
Injure HARM
Kid deserving punishment IMP
Kind of spinning nut LUG
Last word of the golden rule YOU
Clues Answers
Lens covers CAPS
Likely (to) APT
Linking verb COPULA
Make apps CODE
Minnow relative CARP
Missile variety SCUD
Mississippi triangle DELTA
Model material CLAY
Money for later (2 words) NESTEGG
Need for a broken-down vehicle TOW
Not needing to diet SLIM
One of the planets EARTH
One's successor? TWO
Overhead-___ engine CAM
Place with a jacuzzi SPA
Recede to the sea EBB
River deposit SILT
Round hammerhead PEEN
Run casually LOPE
Say "I don't want that anymore" DISOWN
Secret agent SPY
Seeing ___ dog EYE
Semicircular path ARC
Sign on a bathroom door MEN
Soprano's solo ARIA
Spelling creature? BEE
Start of a simple game name TIC
State flower of New Mexico YUCCA
The ___ Piper of Hamelin PIED
Thing on a forest floor LOG
Tree that lines many streets ELM
Two-color snack OREO
Type of bridge TOLL
Word with "telepathy" MENTAL