Universal - Dec 9 2019

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Clues Answers
"Don't leave me!" STAY
"Reno 911!" star Nash NIECY
"That's generally correct, although ..." YEAHBUT
"___ takers?" ANY
*"The Coming" rapper BUSTARHYMES
*2013 OneRepublic hit ... and a task that, if applied to the asterisked answers, yields five COUNTINGSTARS
*Apply pressure, in a way TWISTARMS
*Country whose capital is San Jose COSTARICA
Analogy words ISTO
Another term for a lane reduction ROADDIET
Bagel type with seeds SESAME
Buttinsky YENTA
C.S. Lewis fantasy realm NARNIA
Canine's intruder alert WOOF
Center of a paper towel roll TUBE
Clandestine org CIA
Climb up? ASCENT
Congressional output ACT
Consumed EATEN
Corp. bigwigs EXECS
Director Lee ANG
Disney queen with an Ice Palace ELSA
Emergency broadcast at sea SOS
Fluorescent NEON
French friend AMI
Frisbee, e.g DISC
Get-up-and-go GUSTO
Goes astray ERRS
Helen of "The Good Liar" MIRREN
Hugh of "House" LAURIE
Important points CRUXES
Is able to CAN
James who sang "At Last" ETTA
Like many old apples MEALY
Clues Answers
Lopsided victory ROUT
Lump for one on the "naughty list" COAL
Moderate gaits TROTS
Morning droplets DEW
Most cats have four PAWS
Most reasonable SANEST
Musical work OPUS
North African nation LIBYA
Not fulfilled UNMET
Not many FEW
Not many SOME
Opposing ANTI
Out jogging ONARUN
Place for flowers or babies NURSERY
Place in a crypt ENTOMB
Political commentator Navarro ANA
Resting in bed for the day, say LAIDUP
Result of disorderly conduct? MESS
Right this minute NOW
River of Geneva and Arles RHONE
Ruckus ADO
Sikh's headwear TURBAN
Sought prey HUNTED
Spam-sending program, for short BOT
Straighten ALIGN
Strap held by an equestrian REIN
Submitted SENTIN
Substance in many flours GLUTEN
Suit the specific needs of TAILORTO
Sunbathing souvenirs TANS
The Louvre's city PARIS
Tiny iPod discontinued in 2017 NANO
Two-speaker sound system STEREO
Up the ___ ANTE
With plenty to go around GALORE
___ coat (attire for Bill Nye) LAB
___ G. Biv (rainbow mnemonic) ROY