The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 8143

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Clues Answers
Antarctic explorer SCOTT
Banned officially EMBARGOED
Common stag or hind red deer
Detest ABHOR
Dove's call COO
Dull pain ACHE
Exact correspondence SYMMETRY
Food associated with Cornwall PASTIES
Gave way YIELDED
Greek letter pronounced as f PHI
However, but ALTHOUGH
Item of headgear HAT
Clues Answers
Lip; part of 6 Down BRIM
List of ingredients FORMULA
Literary genre AUTOBIOGRAPHY
Meeting with hounds HUNT
Narrow sea inlet FIRTH
Not attracting attention INCONSPICUOUS
Out of date OBSOLETE
Put back together from parts RECONSTITUTED
Sandbank; prohibit BAR
Tall vases URNS
Throughout; onward ALONG
Verify again RECONFIRM
Was absorbed in thought MUSED