The Washington Post Sunday - Dec 8 2019

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Clues Answers
'As You Like It' forest ARDEN
'Beyond the Horizon' playwright Eugene ONEILL
'Ciao,' in Cannes ADIEU
'Failing that ...' IFNOT
'Friday' actress Long NIA
'Hamilton' creator ___-Manuel Miranda LIN
'Help!' drummer RINGO
'On it!' CANDO
'Rock 'n' Roll Party in the Streets' band, or a slang term for a rock band instrument AXE
'Serial' host Sarah KOENIG
'Seriously?!' WHAT
'Shine' Oscar nominee ___ Mueller-Stahl ARMIN
'The Joy of Painting' painter Ross BOB
'The Thin Man' role NORA
'___ are two of my four limbs' ANARMANDALEG
'___ can be observed with dermatology exams and X-rays' ALLSKINANDBONES
'___ is a sign of discomfort just below your head' PAININTHENECK
'___, and you'll duck beneath that scalpel' GOUNDERTHEKNIFE
'___? I'll call the otolaryngologist to remove that amphibian' HAVEAFROGINYOURTHROAT
'___? It'd be better to administer a vaccine with the lights on' SHOTINTHEDARK
'___? Put this heating pad on your joint to warm it up' COLDSHOULDER
1836 resistance symbol ALAMO
1920s Soviet leader LENIN
401(k) relatives IRAS
Accessory on a rack HAT
Adhesive reminder POSTIT
Airline spelled in 'travel allowance' ELAL
Ancient people often classified as a Germanic group TEUTONS
Apt surname for a crew team member ROWE
Astronomer Brahe TYCHO
Attired like hospital patients GOWNED
Bay Area NFL player NINER
Bisected INTWO
Bit of fancy footwork TOETAP
Blackens, as a 46 Across TARS
Blanc who voiced Bugs MEL
Body part sticking out in the Rolling Stones logo TONGUE
Brownie with cookies, e.g.? GIRLSCOUT
Call off, as at NASA ABORT
Caramel-filled candy ROLO
Cars produced in 1905 REOS
Cedar Rapids locale IOWA
Celebrates wildly, after winning a championship GOESMAD
Churlish sorts LOUTS
Classic Welles role KANE
CNN anchor Jake TAPPER
Collegiate Greek group FRAT
Cosmetician Lauder ESTEE
Credit card swiper? THIEF
Crocheting material YARN
Currently NOW
Dern of 'Jurassic Park' LAURA
Destination in time-travel stories PAST
Discontinue END
Egg on SPUR
Emulate characters in 'Chariots of Fire' RUN
Entered sneakily STOLEIN
Explosive initials TNT
Expression of surprise AHA
Expression of surprise GEE
Feature of controversial images SHOCKVALUE
Fill with joy ELATE
Finish filming WRAP
Fit for the job ABLE
Flat-bodied fish RAY
Fraulein's lament ACH
From a distance AFAR
Fruit with green flesh KIWI
Fundamental principle TENET
Galleria collection ARTE
Garment worn in bed NIGHTIE
Clues Answers
Gemstone weight unit CARAT
Gets some sun TANS
GM subsidiary with a five-pointed shape in its logo ONSTAR
Grammy-winning Yoko ONO
Grinder grinders? TEETH
Had the audacity DARED
Hold the same belief AGREE
Hollywood icon West MAE
Hornet's defense STING
Humdinger LULU
Idiosyncratic quirk TIC
Image on a pirate flag SKULL
Impoverished traveler HOBO
Initials before an alias AKA
It'll get done DEED
Items worn by cafeteria employees HAIRNETS
Jazz pianist Krall DIANA
Jekyll's counterpart HYDE
Keeping careful watch ALERT
Lean to one side TILT
LeBron James, e.g., beginning in 2018 LAKER
Like a nitpicky stickler ANAL
Like well-read scholars ERUDITE
Loch in the 'surgeon's photograph' NESS
Loosen, as shoelaces UNTIE
Luke's cinematic sister LEIA
Made less difficult EASED
Magazine with interior design tips ELLEDECOR
Maneuver performed to reverse direction in a swimming race FLIPTURN
Marcus's retail partner NEIMAN
Mercury-tracking org EPA
Microbiology pioneer PASTEUR
Nickname of a Midwestern metropolis CHITOWN
Nitrous ___ OXIDE
Norway's patron saint OLAF
One who just adopted a different set of beliefs NEWCONVERT
Opera company VIPs DIVAS
Orders from the court WRITS
Part of an archipelago ISLE
Part of an old TV set KNOB
Poem division (and an anagram of 109 Down) CANTO
Prominent features of Batman's cowl EARS
Puerto ___ RICO
Purple smoothie berry ACAI
Ratio in trig class SINE
Sandwich fish TUNA
Scottish terrier SKYE
Site of yellow stripes ROAD
Small battery AAA
Small drum BONGO
Something graded by a history teacher ESSAY
Song heard on Sunday HYMN
Sore from exertion ACHY
Sorvino of 'Mimic' MIRA
Soul singer Thomas IRMA
Spine-tingling EERIE
Square one ONSET
Sturm und ___ DRANG
Supermarket section DELI
Susan of 'L.A. Law' DEY
Take hold of the wheel STEER
Teen's dermal woe ACNE
Things built by Habitat for Humanity HOMES
Trench full of water MOAT
Tyronn who coached the Cleveland Cavaliers to an NBA title in 2016 LUE
University official DEAN
Used to be WAS
Vegetable with layers ONION
Wedding date, maybe? PLUSONE
Workers at picnics? ANTS
___ Bell (Anne Brontë's pseudonym) ACTON
___ chic (rhyming fashion style) GEEK