- Dec 8 2019

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Clues Answers
''. . . enemies closer'' speaker PACINO
''Downton Abbey'' title EARL
''If I Ran the Zoo'' author SEUSS
''Inside'' info DOPE
''National Treasure'' star NICOLASCAGE
''Star Trek'' captain KIRK
''The Gold Bug'' author POE
''Well, __-di-dah!'' LAH
''You __ kidding!'' ARENT
A thousand grand, for short MIL
According to PER
Adopt, as a cause ESPOUSE
AFL partner CIO
Alpaca cousin LLAMA
Apple Watch voice SIRI
Arbor Day month APRIL
Army instructor, informally SARGE
Beef inspector's agcy USDA
Big Board org NYSE
Bird of NBA fame LARRY
Bits of dust SPECKS
Blue Ribbon brewer PABST
Bold observer OGLER
Briny body SEA
Capt.'s subordinates LTS
Carl of hostile takeovers ICAHN
Cheer like ''Bravo!'' OLE
Coil of yarn SKEIN
Contact lens solution SALINE
Cubes with spots DICE
Delta locale RIVERMOUTH
Deprive of strength DRAIN
Desert caravan stops OASES
Didn't toss KEPT
Director Kazan ELIA
Discussed over and over REHASHED
Does a fall chore RAKES
Drain-cleaning chemical LYE
Edible pockets PITAS
Emphatic Spanish assent SISI
Ever so slightly ATAD
Extreme degree: Abbr ULT
F's musical equivalent ESHARP
Fabric tear RENT
Facial feature EAR
Figures of speech SIMILES
Flatbread of India NAN
Flinch or blink REACT
Food plan DIET
Formal denial NAY
Formally accuses ARRAIGNS
Former Utah senator ORRINHATCH
Fuel oil source SHALE
Garage door device ELECTRICEYE
Give in, so to speak CAVE
Glance at SEE
Great Barrier Reef swimmers EELS
Grill fuel GAS
Hacks (off) LOPS
Had a quick look PEEKED
Half-dozen prefix HEXA
Have no __ for (dislike) USE
Heckle TEASE
Highway hazard ICE
HS equivalency test GED
Huge success SMASH
Impersonate APE
Inventor Sikorsky IGOR
Job-related move, to employers RELO
Jouster's ride STEED
Lacking tact RUDE
Language of India BENGALI
Laudatory verses ODES
Clues Answers
Lauder of cosmetics ESTEE
Lay __ the line ITON
Learned person SAGE
Lends a hand HELPS
Liner level DECK
Major in govt. studies POLISCI
Make over REDO
Massage offering OILRUB
Melville novel OMOO
Merchant DEALER
Michelangelo's works ARTE
Middle name of 50 Across ALLAN
Money in Mexico or Chile PESO
More mysterious EERIER
Most October births LIBRAS
Musical speed TEMPO
Name-list shortener ETAL
No-frills beds COTS
Noah Webster alma mater YALE
Normal: Abbr STD
Odds-taker's assent ITSABET
One on a pedestal IDOL
Out, in a bout KOD
Parabolic paths ARCS
Part of AKA ALSO
Personal bearing MIEN
Pop singer Jones NORAH
Possible answer to ''Where are you?'' OUTHERE
Powell, Paulson, Rumsfeld, etc BUSHCABINET
Pulls back REINSIN
Ranch groups HERDS
Ready oneself PREP
Rejuvenation destinations SPAS
Remove all trace of ERASE
Repairs, as a driveway TARS
Right-angle shape ELL
Roll along a runway TAXI
Rotunda topper DOME
Satisfied sound AAH
Sauntered MOSEYED
Say further ADD
Scallion relatives LEEKS
Seller of space ADREP
Showed up CAME
Sitar selection RAGA
Sits in a cellar, say AGES
Skyline obscurer SMOG
Slimmed down REDUCED
Some GPS lines STS
Sound in ''puzzle'' SHORTU
Spanish appetizer TAPA
Spots to fish from PIERS
Squirrel staple ACORN
Steeled (oneself), as for a jolt BRACED
Sushi tuna AHI
Swanky stadium seating LUXURYBOX
Symbols of sturdiness OAKS
Takes sports wagers MAKESBOOK
Talk nonsense PRATTLE
They may stick to your ribs SAUCES
Took long steps STRODE
Train segment CAR
Treads very lightly TIPTOES
Try to equal EMULATE
UFO aviators ETS
Unconfident assent IGUESS
Urban renewal target SLUM
Visibly stunned AGAPE
Weep loudly SOB
Woodpecker's target TREETRUNK
__ butter (cosmetics moisturizer) SHEA
__ cholesterol SERUM