USA Today - Jan 31 2020

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Clues Answers
'Grey's Anatomy' extras NURSES
'I'm so angry!' GRR
'Now!' ASAP
'Por favor' translation PLEASE
'Remington ___' STEELE
'The Karate Kid' (2010) protagonist DRE
'The Princess Bride' character Montoya INIGO
'The ___, the Witch and the Wardrobe' LION
'___ fair in love and war' ALLS
'___ sow, so shall . . .' ASYE
<3 alternative LUV
Alternative to 39-Across, if you're hungry THESE
Arthur Ashe Stadium tournament USOPEN
Baseball's 'Slammin' Sammy' SOSA
Bean variety FAVA
Beeps or boops NOISES
Broadcast AIR
Cheer word RAH
Come about ARISE
Conference feature PANEL
Cuaron who directed 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaba ALFONSO
Donkey, in biblical speak ASS
El ___, Texas PASO
Extend a membership, say REUP
Feel some ___ of way TYPE
First-aid antiseptic IODINE
Friends AMIGOS
Furthermore ALSO
General on a Chinese menu TSO
Grouch CRAB
Grown-up ADULT
Haul LUG
Host's handouts MENUS
Increase by 100% DOUBLE
Internet addresses URLS
Journalist Paris LEES
Letter seen on frat row TAU
Clues Answers
Like some bathrooms UNISEX
Memorable OFNOTE
Most recent LATEST
Mythological word that can mean 'backing' AEGIS
National park with a caribou herd DENALI
No. 2 (Abbr.) ASST
Not messy NEAT
Not us THEM
Org. in airports TSA
Part of a settlement agreement TERM
Parts of plays ACTS
Place to take a load off SEAT
Places for monitors in grade school HALLS
Pop group whose music inspired 'Mamma Mia!' ABBA
Put away EAT
Real estate measurement unit ACRE
Restaurant seating area BAR
Set free LETOUT
Shelter sounds ARFS
Soccer fan's refrain OLEOLE
Sorcerer's repertoire SPELLS
State of matter GAS
Suitable APT
Tehran's country IRAN
Therefore ERGO
They might hold office hours, for short TAS
Time to relax LEISURE
Took a load off RESTED
Very positive review FIVESTARS
Victoria's Secret purchase BRA
What the anchor runs, in a relay LASTLEG
Whoppers LIES
Wintry road hazard ICE
Word before 'stop' or 'viper' PIT
Words for making a bakery selection THATONE
Workout goal, perhaps ABS
___ Gatos, California LOS