- Nov 9 2009

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Clues Answers
''Get __ of that!'' ALOAD
Ancient string instrument LYRE
Attorneys' org. ABA
Avoid capture by ELUDE
Blunted sword EPEE
Border EDGE
Burrowing mammal MOLE
Caribbean, for one SEA
Chem. or biol. SCI
Chinese restaurant beverages HOTTEAS
Circus routine ACT
Clock face DIAL
Computer whiz TECHIE
Consumer USER
Corrosive chemicals ACIDS
Cuban line dance CONGA
Cut out, as coupons CLIP
Emphatic Spanish assent SISI
Equitable opportunity FAIRSHAKE
Factory PLANT
Fence post STAKE
Feudal worker SERF
Finds a total ADDS
Fixed charge SETRATE
Fully cooked DONE
German wife FRAU
Get the soap out RINSE
Gets a glimpse of SEES
Give permission to LET
Golf goal PAR
Great bargain STEAL
Gun owners' org. NRA
Had on WORE
Hankerings YENS
High-strung TENSE
Horses' homes STABLES
Huron or Superior LAKE
In the neighborhood LOCAL
Incline SLANT
Clues Answers
Large game fish WALLEYE
Lends a hand AIDS
Lip-balm additive ALOE
Makes a wager BETS
Makes fun of MOCKS
Metal that rusts IRON
Musical drama OPERA
Neighborhood AREA
Neighborhood merchant DRYCLEANER
On the couch SEATED
Oven gloves MITTS
Pennies CENTS
Pennsylvania port ERIE
Petty hoodlums PUNKS
Poetic sphere ORB
Remove, to make room CLEARAWAY
Riding on the waves AFLOAT
Seals, as a box TAPES
Search for SEEK
Selected, with ''for'' OPTED
Simplify EASE
Small mountain HILL
Snow vehicles SLEDS
Social group CLUB
Soda-bottle sizes LITERS
Spicy sandwich meats SALAMIS
Stick-in-the-mud WETBLANKET
Take a breather REST
Takes legal action SUES
Talk back to SASS
Tennis instructor PRO
Thinly distributed SPARSE
Tuxedo neckwear BOWTIE
Units of farmland ACRES
Unlit DARK
Use watercolors PAINT
Walk back and forth PACE
Yo-yos and kites TOYS