Universal - Dec 6 2019

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Clues Answers
"A Death in the Family" author AGEE
"I Do" singer Lisa LOEB
"Judge me by my size, do you?" speaker YODA
"My bad!" OOPS
****African site of a 1976 rescue (4 and 5) ENTEBBE
****Datebook entry, briefly (1 and 2) APPT
****No aristocrat (2 and 3) PLEB
****Winter D.C. setting (1 and 2) EST
***AC controller (5 and 6) THERMOSTAT
***Brain scans, for short (2 and 3) EEGS
***Drug cops (1 and 2) NARCS
***Game with rooks (1 and 2) CHESS
**Ages and ages (2 and 3) EONS
**Call before "Polo!" (4 and 5) MARCO
**Soldier's denial (4 and 5) NOSIR
**Student's respite (5 and 6) FREEPERIOD
*Genetic letters (2 and 3) DNA
*Humorist Bombeck (circle letters 2 and 3) ERMA
*Quadrennial occurrence (3 and 4) LEAPDAY
*Sweethearts, in modern lingo (3 and 4) BAES
Abbr. after a comma ETC
Alps, e.g.: Abbr MTS
Beachgoer's goal TAN
Bit of pond scum ALGA
Brown spot? CAMPUS
Bug-eyed AGOG
Carrot's cousin PARSNIP
Choice word? EENIE
Cobras and such SERPENTS
Contented sounds AAHS
Dogfish Head brew IPA
Dogpatch cartoonist Al CAPP
Dorothy's destination EMERALDCITY
Eddie Van ___ HALEN
End of Yale's URL EDU
Fashionable initials YSL
Female sheep EWE
Future MBA's hurdle GMAT
G.I. entertainers USO
Go well together MESH
Clues Answers
Greatest chance BESTBET
Hot off the presses NEW
I, on a clock ONE
Ill-suited UNFIT
It may be framed ART
Justification REASON
Kind of poodle TOY
Knoxville sch UTENN
Last Greek consonant PSI
Laugh syllable HAR
Launch facility MISSILESILO
Lug around TOTE
Mess up ERR
Network for cinephiles TMC
Oil grp OPEC
Out of the wind ALEE
Pass over OMIT
Pizza party leftovers CRUSTS
Punk rocker Vicious SID
Purpose USE
Rapa ___ (Easter Island) NUI
Recon mission aim INTEL
Sarajevo residents BOSNIANS
Small amount DAB
Snicker syllable HEH
Some believers DEISTS
Start to "starter" NON
Stevenson of '50s politics ADLAI
Tasteless sorts, or a hint to each starred group of circled letters CHEESEBALLS
Taunt GIBE
Tehran's land IRAN
Tennis great Andre AGASSI
Theologian's subj REL
Universal Studios Florida site ORLANDO
Wall St. debut IPO
What a fool makes NOSENSE
___ Mawr BRYN
___ Xtra (soda) PIBB