Irish Times (Simplex) - Dec 6 2019

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Clues Answers
African equines ZEBRAS
Antecedents ANCESTORS
At this hour, it's the last possible moment ELEVENTH
Bars temporarily, from school say SUSPENDS
Bow and ...., be servile SCRAPE
Chinese criminal gangs TRIADS
Colourfully caught in the act REDHANDED
Common or normal USUAL
Concepts, notions IDEAS
Concerning the sea MARINE
Covered with breadcrumbs or grated cheese AUGRATIN
Dealer in clothing DRAPER
Demanding obedience to rules STRICT
Diffident, timid SHY
Disturbed state of mind during a fever DELIRIUM
Dry Ned, the strange English poet DRYDEN
Groove or furrow RUT
Groups. bunches CLUSTERS
Clues Answers
Hallowed, holy SACRED
Hindu loincloth DHOTI
In the end, after much delay ATLAST
Indian side dish of yogurt and cucumber RAITA
Inner part of a seed KERNEL
Inordinate, unreasonable EXCESSIVE
Largest of the Great Lakes SUPERIOR
Make clear, more comprehensible ELUCIDATE
Passage connecting rooms CORRIDOR
Portion of a circle ARC
Should, had better OUGHT
Sketches or draughts DRAWINGS
Slip, slither, skid SLIDE
They travel from place to place seeking food and pasture NOMADS
Trendy joint HIP
Turn upside down UPEND
Walk in shallow water PADDLE
Ways out EXITS