Universal - Nov 9 2009

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Clues Answers
"... ___ what you can do for your country" ASK
"Amscray!" SCOOT
"Cool" amount MIL
"Damn Yankees" vixen LOLA
"Eating ___" (black comedy of 1982) RAOUL
"He loves me" piece PETAL
"Ironside" actor BURR
"Me too" sort APER
"Money ___ root of all evil" ISTHE
"___ boom bah!" SIS
A caddy carries it BAG
A toddler might throw one TANTRUM
Act as a henchman ABET
Act the yes man AGREE
Actor M. ___ Walsh EMMET
Actress Thompson of "Howards End" EMMA
Alphabet run RSTU
Architect I.M. ___ PEI
Areas by malls LOTS
As ___ instructions PER
Ascertain DISCOVER
Be imperfect ERR
Bit of baby talk GOO
Cajun concoction GUMBO
Caroler's offering NOEL
Certain Balkan native SERB
Certain dances HULAS
Circle Earth ORBIT
Circus attraction TRAINEDSEAL
Congressman, for one LAWMAKER
Create a permanent impression ETCH
Criss-cross framework LATTICE
Delhi dresses SARIS
Didn't participate in a hunger strike ATE
Dream interrupter ALARM
Flow unimpeded GUSH
Former name of a famed Russian ballet company KIROV
Fresh from the trail DUSTY
Clues Answers
Georgia of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" ENGEL
Greek shipper Onassis, informally ARI
Gutters' location EAVES
Jot, e.g. IOTA
Judi Dench, for one DAME
Leather strap TAWSE
Many a climactic movie scene CHASE
Meeting place for the unattached SINGLESBAR
Mineo of "Rebel Without a Cause" SAL
Miner's entrance ADIT
One way to abandon ship LEAP
Pig or cast IRON
Post offering advice EMILY
Quiz choice, perhaps TRUE
Royal rod SCEPTER
Sensitive, as a subject SORE
Some grilled sandwiches MELTS
Some Indian music pieces RAGAS
Soul singer Hayes ISAAC
Stay fresh KEEP
Synagogue official RABBI
The line before yours, e.g. CUE
The spice of life, so it's said VARIETY
They often mean "I see" AHS
Threatening clouds NIMBI
Ticked states IRES
Tony Shalhoub TV series MONK
Truckee River source TAHOE
Twill fabric SERGE
Type of group ETHNIC
Undertake, as responsibilities ASSUME
Very small amount SMIDGEN
Visine, e.g. EYEDROP
Visionary sort SEER
Will Smith biopic of 2001 ALI
Workplace where white is worn LAB
Wrestling maneuver HAMMERLOCK
Writer Levin IRA
___-foot oil NEATS