Thomas Joseph - King Feature Syndicate - Dec 25 2019

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Clues Answers
'— greetings!' SEASONS
Bank worker TELLER
Boar's mate SOW
Bonnie's partner CLYDE
Braying beast ASS
Brussels-based org NATO
Burma's first prime minister UNU
Christmas treat CANDYCANE
Christmas treat SUGARPLUM
Conflict CLASH
Deep cut GASH
Earth-friendly prefix ECO
Everyone ALL
Fruitcake ingredients SPICES
Game quest SAFARI
Hardy heroine TESS
Heralds in a carol ANGELS
High cards ACES
Humiliating failures FIASCOS
Identical SAME
Lamb's father RAM
Major lang ENG
Malleable metal TIN
Maryland players, for short TERPS
Clues Answers
McKellen of 'X-Men' IAN
Nasal sound TWANG
North Pole worker ELF
On this spot HERE
One of TV's 'Friends' MONICA
Party attendee GUEST
Pennies: Abbr CTS
Playing marbles AGATES
Road curves ESSES
Rx amounts DOSES
Sched. placeholder TBA
Seasonal quaff EGGNOG
Seventh Greek letter ETA
Sky shade BLUE
Slump SAG
Social page word NEE
Soft mineral TALC
Some charity ALMS
Stephen of 'The Crying Game' REA
The Emerald Isle ERIN
Two-person cutting tool PITSAW
Use incisors GNAW
Wildly eager AGOG
Winter window coating FROST
Year, in France ANNEE
Yule display CRECHE