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Clues Answers
'Are you — out?' INOR
'Common Sense' writer Thomas PAINE
'For shame!' TSK
'I didn't know that!' GEE
'Just — suspected!' ASI
'Likely story!' IBET
'R.I.P.' sites GRAVES
'Thrilla in Manila' boxer ALI
'Yes, yes!,' in Mexico SISI
'— my way!' ('Scram!') OUTTA
A Hawaiian Island KAUAI
Able to feel SENSATE
Actors Baio and Wolf SCOTTS
Add- — (extras) ONS
Aleppo locale SYRIA
Animal kept in the house PET
Appoint to holy office ORDAIN
Archie Bunker, e.g BIGOT
Aristocratic ELITE
Balladeer Burl IVES
Bangkok resident THAI
Beatle Ringo STARR
Beehive State college team UTES
Bible book after Micah NAHUM
Bit of hearsay RUMOR
Black Protestant denom. since 1821 AMEZIONCHURCH
Blast source TNT
Blood-related AKIN
Bodily trunk TORSO
Brings a civil action SUES
Bruins' Bobby ORR
Bullring yell OLE
Burn soother ALOE
Carp in a garden pond KOI
Cathedrals' main areas NAVES
Central point NODE
City in Alaska NOME
Conga relative SAMBA
Crossing during a journey TRAVELINGTHROUGH
Currency of Belgium EURO
Cuzco locale PERU
Daddy PAPA
Depict with bias SKEW
DiFranco of song ANI
Dir. from Little Rock to Chicago NNE
Disaffirm DENY
Dormant IDLE
Druids, e.g PAGANS
E-address URL
Earthy tone, to a Brit OCHRE
Ed of 'Roots' ASNER
Eight, in Madrid OCHO
Ellipsoidal OVAL
Ending for priest ESS
Expected saviors MESSIAHS
First strategy PLANA
Florence's river ARNO
Football's Manning ELI
Franz Liszt piano piece in 3/4 time VALSEIMPROMPTU
French gal pal AMIE
Froth-filled SUDSY
Fumble ERR
Gave a worthy effort MADEITCOUNT
Green shade NILE
Green shade LIME
Habituate (to) INURE
Have a tiff ARGUE
Have coming DESERVE
He played Jim Dial on 'Murphy Brown' CHARLESKIMBROUGH
Ho-hum feeling ENNUI
Holier-than- — THOU
Clues Answers
Hubbubs ADOS
Hungarian sheepdog PULI
In regard to ABOUT
In-favor vote YEA
Intersects MEETS
Irene of 'Fame' CARA
Juicy Fruit, e.g GUM
Kazan with three Tonys ELIA
Kellogg's waffle brand EGGO
Legitimate VALID
Long-headed antelope GNU
Magazine release ISSUE
Male tabbies TOMS
Model binder GLUE
Most minor LEAST
Neat piles STACKS
Necklace of 12-Down LEI
Negative conjunction NOR
Nonstick cookware brand TFAL
Numbered hwys RTES
Oahu tree PALM
Partly joking HALFSERIOUS
Period ERA
Period PHASE
Pious song PSALM
Plant pouch SAC
Plaster painting FRESCO
Pluralizable word NOUN
Pod items PEAS
Pond buildup ALGAE
Possible reply to 'That so?' ITIS
Pre-coll., in education ELHI
Principal MAIN
Purpose AIM
Purpose USE
Put one's finger on, say TOUCH
Regards as DEEMS
Reprimands REBUKES
Rumble MELEE
Run off to tie the knot ELOPE
Ryan of 'Love Story' ONEAL
Scholastic sports org NCAA
Sequence found in this puzzle's nine longest answers AEIOU
Sewing case ETUI
Shabby hotels FLEABAGS
She divorced Donald IVANA
Snare loops NOOSES
Some turns and jabs LEFTS
Sophia of 'Two Women' LOREN
Sound of a crying baby WAH
Spoke indistinctly and softly MUMBLED
Standoffish ALOOF
Standoffish ICY
Striped stone AGATE
Strong product-selling influence MARKETINGCLOUT
Superior to ABOVE
Swedish vehicle make VOLVO
Ta-ta, to Tati ADIEU
Taking a rolling pin to FLATTENINGOUT
Tarp material NYLON
Tax form pro CPA
Tiara stones GEMS
Tick follower TOCK
Toon skunk Le Pew PEPE
Tribal carving TOTEM
U.S. Open units SETS
Viking locale SEA
Visibility reducers HAZES
Volunteer's offer to be sent ILLGO
Went to town on HADAT
What the Australian Open is played on HARDTENNISCOURT
Work unit, in physics ERG
— -ray Disc BLU
— Grande RIO