- Dec 4 2019

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Clues Answers
''Long time, no __'' SEE
''Pet'' annoyance PEEVE
''Slippery'' fish EEL
''Yipes!'' UHOH
Actor's representative AGENT
Affectionate FOND
Backyard barbecue spot PATIO
Bear witness ATTEST
Beaver's creation DAM
Brewer's ingredient YEAST
Café patron EATER
Chicken __ king ALA
Conclude negotiations REACHAGREEMENT
Conclude negotiations HAMMEROUTADEAL
Conclude negotiations COMETOTERMS
Dean's list no GPA
Egg on URGE
End of big co. names INC
Fusion of miscellany MASHUP
Garage occupant AUTO
Gasoline rating OCTANE
Hansel's sister GRETEL
Heroic tale SAGA
Hgt. above sea level ALT
Historical period ERA
Improve at a winery AGE
In-flight stat ETA
Italian grilled sandwich PANINI
Kitchen cooker STOVE
Lauder of lipstick ESTEE
Little bit TAD
Little mischief-maker IMP
Lo-cal LITE
Long-tailed rodent RAT
No longer damp DRY
None of the above OTHER
Nullify UNDO
Numero __ (head honcho) UNO
Oinker's abode PEN
Clues Answers
On the wrong path ASTRAY
Orbital period YEAR
Packed tightly DENSE
Pastor's address SERMON
Pay attention to HEED
Poem of praise ODE
Poorly lit DIM
Pop singer Tori AMOS
Prim and proper STAID
Reason for extra innings TIE
Regret RUE
Renewable energy source SUN
Required tasks DUTIES
River sediment SILT
Rude looks LEERS
Salsa or guacamole DIP
Serving from a caterer MEAL
Shah's onetime domain IRAN
Shy and modest DEMURE
Sicily or Maui ISLAND
Sir or madam TITLE
Spanish water AGUA
Spike of cinema LEE
Start over with REDO
State with confidence AVER
Sudden outpouring SPATE
Take a tumble FALL
Tied, as sneakers LACED
Took a bike or bus RODE
Update, as a clock RESET
Warning from a motorist HORN
Wet earth MUD
Window blind parts SLATS
Woman with a niece AUNT
Wonderland beverage TEA
__ Antony MARC
__ for the course (about average) PAR
__ Gras MARDI
__ so (nevertheless) EVEN