The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 27525

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Clues Answers
9 attempt to be heard by Irish town briefly TRIATHLON
A very low increase in brief APPRISE
Badminton competition's opening by end of June EVENT
Biggest supporter in ground hit bouncer close to exit TAPROOT
Boss initially takes in south of France STUD
Chief put away person who has had one CHEAT
Consult old patient about earth recording video cassette
Court nails suspect without hearing ULTRASONIC
Embed motorway scheme within it IMPLANT
Evidence I’ve altered implicating King’s Head music man PROKOFIEV
Frank is very involved with unit in education centre open university
Girls go after celebrated shades SUNGLASSES
Gourmets quibble, eating banger SQUIB
Helped end a hunt organised in European continent EUTHANASIA
Clues Answers
Identify comic penning verse, in declaring his allegiance? flag-waving
Keen student's wife ensconced in boozer SWOT
Nice night following one husky driver? INUIT
Obscure name in company entitled to hold line UNINTELLIGIBLE
Old coin found in early English school EDUCATE
Paper working to limit Republican club IRON
Recurved bananas make quite an impact STUN
Response to derisory offer from bishop good in principle big deal
Say nothing ousting mapmakers in Bosnia plant BEGONIA
Scores talk about doctor's last case ORCHESTRATION
Sculptor's inside say scraping away ERODING
Stargazer's delay over current constellation GALILEO
Stone work unit hiding old article stops here pipe organ
Tyneside became consumed by one broker NEGOTIATE