The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 1497

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Clues Answers
Apostle boarding moving train has protective covering TARPAULIN
Article like this enthrals learner as well ALSO
Article with no charm upset newsreader ANCHORMAN
Cave not entirely unpleasant? Nothing more GROTTO
Damages the planet MARS
Embargo restricting company meat BACON
Farm crop may be good with wet weather GRAIN
Feature of game linked primarily with snake? LADDER
How to cook small fish from the ocean floor? deep-fry
I’m a good source of Expressionist picture IMAGE
Initially locked and secure LAND
Lizard, say, returning? Fine about retreating GECKO
Monstrous creature depicted by that fellow in church, an artist CHIMERA
Clues Answers
Museum exhibit resembling a head of Lenin, strangely elgin marbles
Nude left almost shivering — what’s required? NEEDFUL
Odd thing left, held by young fellow in entertainment centre night-club
Poster promoting stamina? STICKER
River in principal area is a place with boats MARINA
Rook avoiding plant in wetland FEN
Sanitise wrong abbreviation for “iron” in dictionary DISINFECT
Some other age and time ERA
Song that has holy men gutted HYMN
Support story accepted by match official RELIEF
Tree, old, associated with a King OAK
Wetland entry on website ignoring Lake BOG
Woman’s clear about new tendency to gather herd instinct