Universal - Dec 3 2019

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Clues Answers
"Coolio!" NEAT
"Couldn't have been me" rationale ALIBI
"Dynamic" pair DUO
"Evita" surname PERON
"Get out of here!" SHOO
"Just joshing!" IKID
"Sorry, have plans" ICANT
"___ all good!" ITS
"___ the ramparts ..." OER
*Cloudlike line behind a jet (see letters 3-6) VAPORTRAIL
*Do a district attorney's job (letters 2-5) PROSECUTE
*Enter like you own the place (letters 5-7) WALTZIN
*Tchotchkes (letters 4-6) BRICABRAC
Advanced degrees, for short PHDS
Airport org TSA
All-electric car company TESLA
Amino ___ (building blocks of proteins) ACIDS
Arrive at REACH
Baldwin frequently seen on "SNL" ALEC
Baseball card figure STAT
Beyonce's last name, at birth KNOWLES
Black-and-white treat OREO
Body of work OEUVRE
Cards checked by bouncers IDS
Carefully groom PRIMP
Catcher's catcher MITT
Chocolate shop attraction AROMA
Come after ENSUE
Constant critic HATER
Constructed BUILT
Core belief TENET
Digitize a document, say SCAN
Dram and gram UNITS
Drops from the sky RAIN
Extremely small-scale: Prefix NANO
Frozen beverage option ICEE
Game with grand masters CHESS
Clues Answers
Got together METUP
Have at a lollipop LICK
Hemmed in (by) BESET
Kick out EVICT
Kinda sorta INAWAY
Lease, as an apartment RENTOUT
Like some science fiction DYSTOPIAN
Loosen, as laces UNTIE
Low voice BASS
Mauna ___ KEA
Movie setting? CINEMA
Napa Valley, e.g., or a feature of each starred answer? WINEREGION
Narcissist's issue EGO
Netflix alternative HULU
No longer startled by USEDTO
One may advertise its free Wi-Fi INN
Online-only mag EZINE
Opposite of "yeah" NAH
Out-of-pocket medical cost COPAY
Pasture animals COWS
Pens for touch screens STYLI
Queensland's country AUSTRALIA
Really enjoying something INTOIT
Romano of comedy RAY
Satisfied a debt PAID
Scandinavian capital OSLO
Shoe's traction aid CLEAT
Sick ILL
Some jeans LEVIS
Subj. dealing with markets ECON
Tiny bit IOTA
TV friend of Rachel and Monica PHOEBE
Whales known as "canaries of the sea" BELUGAS
Windshield cleaner WIPER
___ fright (actor's problem) STAGE
___ Wrap SARAN
___-bitty ITTY