- Dec 3 2019

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Clues Answers
''I don't care'' attitude APATHY
''If it __ broke . . .'' AINT
''Quite right!'' SOTRUE
Approved of OKED
Back muscle, for short LAT
Barton of the Red Cross CLARA
Become drained of color PALE
Become more mellow AGE
Beer barrel KEG
Belittle DEMEAN
Below, in poems NEATH
Bonnets and beanies HATS
Book of fiction NOVEL
Breathing organ LUNG
Brownie scout, for example GIRL
Business conference: Abbr MTG
Choose officially ANOINT
Detergent's lather SUDS
Dishonest imitation SHAM
Double-curve shape ESS
Evaluation standards CRITERIA
Examined closely EYED
Fixes, as a contest RIGS
Giants of the business world TITANS
Gorilla or orangutan APE
Harpoon or javelin SPEAR
Have __ (enjoy oneself) ABALL
Hazards PERILS
Highway hauler TRUCK
How bedding is often sold ASASET
Human rights org ACLU
In the past AGO
Jetted away FLEW
Judicial order DECREE
Keogh plan alternative IRA
Kick out OUST
L.A.'s __ Tar Pits LABREA
Luau dance HULA
Clues Answers
Memorial Day month MAY
Nashville's state: Abbr TENN
Office aides: Abbr ASSTS
Opera solo ARIA
People from Dallas TEXANS
Pirate's loot holder TREASURECHEST
Place to hoist a banner FLAGPOLE
Place to pick up mail POSTOFFICEBOX
Ran into MET
Ration (out) METE
Reach across, as a bridge SPAN
Reduced-price event SALE
Remarkable things LULUS
Round cabinet handle KNOB
Run __ (lose control) AMOK
Scatter about STREW
School support grps PTAS
Seize TAKE
Shade tree ELM
Shaped like dice CUBIC
Slow-cooker meals STEWS
Smooth and lustrous SLEEK
Sound from a nest PEEP
Speak indistinctly SLUR
Strong craving URGE
Strong craving YEN
Suite of computer programs SOFTWAREPACKAGE
Swelled head EGO
Swindle SCAM
Tacks on ADDS
The ''L'' of NFL LEAGUE
Title for a knight SIR
Top choice, for short FAVE
Try to lose weight DIET
Valentine symbol HEART
Wide belts SASHES
Worker made of metal ROBOT