The Sun - Two Speed - Dec 3 2019

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Clues Answers
Angelic being SERAPH
Aqualung SCUBA
Arabian state YEMEN
Arsenal player who'd take a shot? GUNNER
Artilleryman GUNNER
Cenotaph, e.g MEMORIAL
Close-fitting SNUG
Devon banker writes in cost EXPENSE
Diving gear in small country SCUBA
Elizabethan explorer and soldier RALEIGH
Ethical MORAL
Explosive force unit MEGATON
Girl retaining right to tie knot MARRY
He blocks Conservative idea THEORY
Hot wind causes shock HAIR
House of worship TEMPLE
Hypothesis THEORY
Ignorant girl fighting English UNAWARE
Latitude LEEWAY
Model not at church TEMPLE
Monument smashed in Lima and Rome MEMORIAL
Motorist awaiting chance to pass? LEARNER
My book: An Englishman Abroad? BLIMEY
Oblivious UNAWARE
Clues Answers
Ordinary stone lifting weight MEGATON
Part of speech NOUN
Phrase upset angel SERAPH
Progress once unit collapses CONTINUE
Pull someone from New York? YANK
Recognisable FAMILIAR
Room for movement in Spooner's little song LEEWAY
Sharp tug YANK
Shooters around in cosy pub room SNUG
Sir Walter makes lager his endlessly RALEIGH
Sister to hold over something in speech? NOUN
Some calling on special jargon LINGO
Storm battered MEP cutting tax TEMPEST
Street fixture LAMPPOST
Student driver LEARNER
Support to keep public enlightened? LAMPPOST
The old chaps in the country YEMEN
Very good mark on exam MORAL
Well-known witch's cat? FAMILIAR
Word of surprise (informal) BLIMEY
Writer on radio makes Indian dish RAITA
Yoghurt-based side dish RAITA