New York Times - Dec 3 2019

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Clues Answers
$5 bills, slangily ABES
'Couldn't care less' MEH
'Selma' director DuVernay AVA
'Six-pack' muscles ABS
'The Lord of the Rings' fiend ORC
'___ Jacques' FRERE
*Boy Scout handbook topic KNOTTYING
*Inclination to follow the majority HERDINSTINCT
*One upstaging a star, say SCENESTEALER
*Phones inadvertently BUTTDIALS
Arcade game pioneer ATARI
Barbie's beau KEN
Bart who was the first Super Bowl M.V.P STARR
Bib overalls material DENIM
Bit of body art TAT
Born, in Bordeaux NEE
Bush 43 Supreme Court appointee ALITO
Chopin exercise ETUDE
Civil rights leader Williams, who was an associate of Martin Luther King Jr HOSEA
Comics bark ARF
Commercial that might have a jingle RADIOAD
Common promotional giveaway TOTEBAG
Cry in a game of tag NOTIT
Erie Canal craft BARGE
Ermine, by another name STOAT
Evita who was played by Madonna PERON
Florida, e.g., to the French ETAT
Fort ___, North Carolina BRAGG
Give the ax SACK
Go furtively SNEAK
Greeting in old Rome AVE
Guys who fish or hunt, say SPORTSMEN
Hazards on the links TRAPS
Helper at a wedding USHER
In a funk SAD
Intent look STARE
Lead-in to 'la-la' OOH
Leader on view in Red Square LENIN
Clues Answers
League of Nations city GENEVA
Like Nash's lama ONEL
Liturgical vestment ALB
Long of 2004's 'Alfie' NIA
Marsh plant REED
Mother of Prince Harry DIANA
N.L. pennant winner in 2005 and A.L. pennant winner in 2017 and 2019 ASTRO
News anchor Holt LESTER
No longer in dreamland AWAKE
Nonstandard negative AINT
Not worth ___ (valueless) ASOU
On and on and on .. ADNAUSEAM
One fleeing a flood, perhaps EVACUEE
One of two on some wedding cakes BRIDE
Pebble in one's shoe, e.g ANNOYANCE
Persian rulers SHAHS
Piece of fiction LIE
Prison at sea BRIG
Pumped up, so to speak PSYCHED
Punctuation that may mean 'or' SLASHMARK
Rain gutter site EAVE
Second chances, casually REDOS
See 62-Across ACTOR
Seeress of ancient Greece SIBYL
Serengeti antelope ELAND
Sign of a theatrical hit SRO
Skin care product TONER
Soak one's bib DROOL
Sounds of hesitation ERS
Started the kitty ANTED
Took to one's heels RAN
Tweety and Sylvester, for two TOONS
V-formation flier GOOSE
Wall Street index, with 'the' DOW
With 64-Across, performer who is like the words sounded out at the starts of the answers to the four starred clues VOICE
With the bow, musically ARCO
Wonderland cake words EATME
___ Island Red (chicken) RHODE