Jonesin' - Dec 3 2019

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Clues Answers
'Addams Family' cousin ITT
'Anaconda' singer Nicki MINAJ
'Big-ticket' thing ITEM
'Bonanza' role HOSS
'Bring the Funny' judge Foxworthy JEFF
'Can't Fight This Feeling' band ___ Speedwagon REO
'Evil Dead' hero ASH
'Fame' actress Cara IRENE
'Field of Dreams' state IOWA
'I have ___ / the plums ...' (poem line spoofed in memes) EATEN
'It's ___!' ('I'll see you then') ADATE
'Last Week Tonight' airer HBO
'Lord of the Rings' villain SAURON
'Paper Planes' rapper MIA
'That feels good!' AHH
'The Burning Giraffe' painter DALI
'The Last of the Mohicans' character UNCAS
'Thrilla in Manila' victor ALI
'___ kettle of fish' AFINE
'___ Whoopee' MAKIN
'___ you kidding me?' ARE
1099-___ (bank-issued tax form) INT
Acronymic 1992 single by The Shamen (from 'Boss Drum') LSI
Alfa Romeo rival FIAT
Anniversary gift before wood LINEN
Aquafina competitor EVIAN
Aquatic barrier REEF
Are real EXIST
Barn-roof adornments VANES
Baseball Hall of Famer Ralph KINER
Beginning ONSET
Belt loop puncher AWL
Big ___, California SUR
Boil over RAGE
Bot. or ecol SCI
Busy spot for Finnish travel HELSINKIAIRPORT
Bygone documentaries NEWSREELS
Court judge REF
Dagger holder SHEATH
Clues Answers
De-lumps, as flour SIFTS
Decline slowly ABATE
Detach UNFIX
Drug buster, for short NARC
Dwyane Wade's team for most of his career MIAMIHEAT
Earth-shaking event QUAKE
Eighth note, in the U.K QUAVER
Evil computer system in 'The Terminator' SKYNET
False pretense SHAM
Feel unwell AIL
Geometry calculations AREAS
Get on up CLIMB
Goofy smiles GRINS
Grammatical subject NOUN
Great series of wins HOTSTREAK
Hotel postings RATES
It can cause a row OAR
It's got 14 points on Malaysia's flag STAR
Jiggly dessert JELLO
Leary of the 'Ice Age' series DENIS
Linseed product OIL
Menzel of 'Frozen 2' IDINA
Much of Mongolia GOBIDESERT
Not just some EVERY
Nutritional amt RDA
Obi-Wan or Luke, e.g JEDIKNIGHT
PC key beside the space bar ALT
Petty arguments SPATS
Puff pieces? TOKES
Raise crops FARM
Reunion group CLASS
Salad ingredient that's fuzzy on the outside KIWIFRUIT
Shoo-___ (favorites) INS
Singer Cleo or Frankie LAINE
Singer with three albums named after ages ADELE
Titular host of NBC's 'Game of Games' ELLEN
Welsh stand-up comedian Pritchard-McLean KIRI
___ Dew (PepsiCo product) MTN
___ di pepe (tiny pasta variety) ACINI