- Dec 2 2019

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Clues Answers
''Do __ favor, please . . .'' MEA
''Electric'' fish EEL
''Polka'' clothing designs DOTS
''Simple Simon __ pieman . . .'' META
''__ we there yet?'' ARE
Actor Robert De __ NIRO
Any carbonated beverages SODAS
Any thing of value ASSET
Arch city in Mo STL
Baby bears CUBS
Back part of a sock HEEL
Ballet skirt TUTU
Barely avoided accident NEARMISS
Being deceitful LYING
Beverage brewed from bags TEA
Books' names TITLES
Briny body of water SEA
Casino number-picking game KENO
Clever like a fox SLY
Color of rare steak RED
Comparatively cunning CRAFTIER
Connects with TIESTO
Consumed ATE
Dad's lad SON
Davidson's motorcycle partner HARLEY
Depend (on) RELY
Dinner or breakfast MEAL
Guitarist Clapton ERIC
Gym weight made of iron DUMBBELL
Has the opinion FEELS
High wind GALE
Ignite, as an explosion SETOFF
Intended MEANT
Jay once of ''The Tonight Show'' LENO
Judge's written commands WRITS
Just __ the corner (close by) AROUND
Legal advisors: Abbr ATTYS
Long-legged marsh bird EGRET
Lowest face cards in poker JACKS
Clues Answers
Make a request of a waiter ORDER
Make certain of ENSURE
Military zone SECTOR
Minor untruth FIB
Nest-egg savings plans: Abbr IRAS
No longer fresh, as bread STALE
Ooh and __ AAH
Partner of neither NOR
Physicians: Abbr DRS
Prefix meaning ''recent'' NEO
Pub beverage ALE
Quick haircut TRIM
Republic of China TAIWAN
Saw eye to eye AGREED
Sermon deliverer PRIEST
Ship's poles MASTS
Short skirt MINI
Snooty person SNOB
Speedometer measure: Abbr MPH
Stone artisan MASON
Stylish manner FLAIR
Tip of a kite TAIL
Touch or hearing SENSE
Toward the rear, on a ship AFT
Traffic tie-up JAM
Traveled in a plane FLEW
Twangy in speech NASAL
Two-purpose DUAL
Up __ (cornered) ATREE
Usual situation NORMALCY
Was first on a trail LED
What's in an auto tire AIR
Where a kicked-ball goal is scored SOCCERSTADIUM
Where a quarterback works FOOTBALLFIELD
Where a tag-team match takes place WRESTLINGRING
__ Baba and the Forty Thieves ALI
__ Major (bear constellation) URSA
__ of measure (pound or quart) UNIT
__-day (common vitamin dose) ONEA