Wall Street Journal - Dec 2 2019 - Opening Vaults

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Clues Answers
“Eat up!” DIGIN
“How Do I Live” singer LeAnn RIMES
“I knew it all along!” AHA
“Mamma Mia” singers ABBA
“Riiiiight!” IBET
“Terrible” czar IVAN
Airport arrival JET
Animated character TOON
Began the bidding OPENED
Big Australian birds EMUS
Challenger RIVAL
Congregation leader PASTOR
Contraction that annoys the grammar police AINT
Counsel ADVISE
Donna Summer specialty DISCO
Driver’s navigating aid, for short GPS
Drops in the letter box MAILS
Faint from emotion SWOON
First-rate AONE
Furious looks GLARES
Genetic stuff DNA
Gently touch TAP
Goal on a hole PAR
Greek god of war ARES
Hammer and anvil setting EAR
Important blood line AORTA
Income before benefits and bonuses BASESALARY
Is under the weather AILS
It might be cut off by a butcher FAT
Itty-bitty TEENSY
Journeys TRIPS
Justifiable, as a complaint LEGITIMATE
Kindle read EBOOK
Life partner MATE
Like animals in many zoos CAGED
Little stinker BRAT
Low area between hills VALE
Made a sketch DREW
Clues Answers
Majestic GRAND
Many of the men appearing on money PRESIDENTS
Mascara target LASH
Mathematical operation done in steps LONGDIVISION
Member of a Beehive State tribe UTE
Mirthless GRIM
Occasion to dye eggs EASTER
Online journals BLOGS
Org. for attorneys ABA
Overplay HAMUP
Parisian pal AMI
Person who can sing, dance and act, say TRIPLETHREAT
Pig’s place STY
Power for 10-Down VETO
Prunes TRIMS
Rapper/actor who plays a detective on TV ICET
Requiring a lot of work and attention HIGHMAINTENANCE
Revives, and a hint to the beginnings of 16-, 22-, 33- and 46-Across JUMPSTARTS
Romantic couple ITEM
Sheer fabric TOILE
Shop with slicers DELI
Sitting on ATOP
Skate park features RAMPS
Skilled ABLE
Sleeper’s dream state, for short REM
Slippery swimmers EELS
Smartphone downloads APPS
Sold-out show letters SRO
Sound from a stadium ROAR
Sounds accompanying a finger wag TSKS
Sponsor of the Padres’ park PETCO
Thurman of “Pulp Fiction” UMA
Ties up the phone GABS
Toboggan’s kin SLED
Word on a gift tag FROM
Words of approximation ORSO
Yes or No Doubt GROUP
___-deucey (backgammon variation) ACEY