Universal - Dec 1 2019

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Clues Answers
"Happy" mollusk CLAM
"Stop, sailor!" AVAST
'90s TV chihuahua REN
Actress Anderson LONI
Anonymous UNNAMED
Associate at a bank? CHECKMATE
Associate at a Cambridge sch.? MITCHUM
Associate at a store's Big & Tall depertment? LONGFELLOW
Associate at a summer job? INTERNALLY
Associate at a winery? ROSEBUD
Big name in yogurt DANNON
Buckeyes' sch OSU
Burkina Faso neighbor GHANA
Burst onto the ___ SCENE
Carl of "Cosmos" SAGAN
Chinese egg noodle dish LOMEIN
Comedy bits GAGS
Comes to the surface EMERGES
Delighted feeling GLEE
Delt neighbor PEC
Disney's de Vil CRUELLA
Earn, as praise GARNER
Freeloader MOOCHER
Fresh hairstyle NEWDO
Garfield's girlfriend ARLENE
Grape juice brand WELCHS
Gymnast's goal TEN
Harvard's rival YALE
Helper often dressed in Christmas colors ELF
Hem's partner HAW
Home of Hawaii's Pearl City OAHU
Horse head? SEA
Hwys RDS
I love, in Latin AMO
Kabuki kin NOH
Kind of port USB
Lacto-___ vegetarian OVO
Letters for Miss Manners? PSANDQS
Like most yoga instructors FIT
Clues Answers
Many are set on Sunday nights ALARMS
Most wicked EVILEST
Munich Mrs FRAU
One Way, for one SIGN
Oreo filling CREME
Outback birds EMUS
Oxen harnesses YOKES
Pointy teeth CANINES
Political second banana VEEP
React to a ghost, say SCREAM
Resistance unit OHM
Ricochet off the backboard REBOUND
Right-angled extension ELL
Sedative, for short TRANQ
Self-serve coffee vessel URN
Shower liquids GELS
Simmons competitor SERTA
Singer James or Jones ETTA
Singer McEntire REBA
Snack that might include M&Ms GORP
Some simians APES
Soundless communication: Abbr ASL
Stand-in SUB
Stationery store quantity REAM
Strike out, editorially DELE
Sycophant's response YES
Tag call NOTIT
Taking advantage of USING
Talk back to SASS
The "R" of R&B RHYTHM
They may be marching ORDERS
Troubles HASSLES
Watch closely EYE
Watch winder STEM
Wedding crasher's boon OPENBAR
Where China is ASIA
Wood in Hollywood NATALIE
Wyndham-owned hotels RAMADAS