L.A. Times Daily - Dec 1 2019

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Clues Answers
"Animal House" party attire TOGAS
"Barnaby Jones" star EBSEN
"Ben-Hur" studio MGM
"Dumb and Dumber" co-star CARREY
"Enough!" STOP
"He's __ notable coward ... ": Shak AMOST
"Just __ is not __": AT&T slogan OKAY
"Little House" family name OLESON
"Made to be broken" thing RECORD
"Streamers" playwright RABE
"__ want for Christmas ... " ALLI
1942 Philippine battle site BATAAN
1980s Panamanian dictator NORIEGA
Absorbs the financial hit EATSIT
Actor Neeson LIAM
Aspirations DREAMS
Balance on a card, say DEBT
Bench press muscles TRICEPS
Bolshevik's foe TSARIST
Bottom line NET
Browning's Ben Ezra, e.g RABBI
Burnable medium, briefly CDR
Careless Montana? SLOPPYJOE
Causes of frequent break-ins? SPONSORS
Certain Sooner TULSAN
Clearasil target ZIT
Cold sheet FLOE
Confident ASSURED
Deked, say TRICKED
Dependable SOLID
Driver's lic. info DOB
Dry as a bone ARID
Duel tool EPEE
Early rock horn SAX
Eclipse shadow UMBRA
English breakfast __ TEA
ESPN Deportes language ESPANOL
Eye care product prefix OCU
Face-to-face exams ORALS
Family docs GPS
Family nickname SIS
Fan of Jerry Garcia's band DEADHEAD
Fashion initials YSL
Flea market deal RESALE
Forceful Kelly? DOMINANTGENE
Formally transfer CEDE
Former U.K. recording giant EMI
Forthcoming Tyson? OPENMIKE
Fortune-telling aids TAROTS
French Oscar CESAR
Friend of TV's Sheldon RAJ
Frisk, with "down" PAT
Game played in an anagram of itself POLO
Go down, so to speak OCCUR
Green cars TESLAS
Harvest REAP
Hindered, as growth STUNTED
Horace, for one ODIST
Hostess output CUPCAKES
House shower CSPAN
IBM competitor NEC
Insightful DEEP
Inspiring Gates? ELECTRICBILL
Island near Java BALI
It has an eye on TV CBS
Joyous way to break out INSONG
Jumbles OLIOS
Like many fine wines CELLARED
Like some turkey stuffing SAGY
Liking INTO
Clues Answers
Lombardy-based football club ACMILAN
March opening HUP
Mardi Gras follower LENT
Markers IOUS
Milky white kind of glass OPAL
More cozy COMFIER
More tender SORER
Mt. Hood's home ORE
Numerical prefix OCTA
Nursery item PLANT
Old reciprocal electrical unit MHO
One doing stars, say APER
One of the fire signs LEO
Opposite of piano FORTE
Outgoing Macdonald? SOCIALNORM
Outlaw Kelly NED
Outrage IRE
Part of a pot ANTE
Partial view? BIAS
Patches up MENDS
Period of the first dinosaurs TRIASSIC
Plane angle symbol THETA
Polar helper ELF
Popular spring break locale, informally CABO
Red dye EOSIN
Rio greetings OLAS
Santa __ Valley: California wine region YNEZ
School since 1440 ETON
Seafaring Davis? NAUTICALMILES
Second shot RETAKE
Seized, as an opportunity LEAPTON
Self-officiated game with a disc ULTIMATE
Sharp flavor TANG
Sites for fights ARENAS
Slothful Sontag? LAZYSUSAN
Some corporate jets LEARS
Some UPS deliveries CODS
Something read to the rowdy? RIOTACT
Sound of disapproval HISSING
Sounded ghostly MOANED
Speed ZIP
Starts to negotiate, as a price ASKSFOR
State with a panhandle TEXAS
Stay in shape KEEPFIT
Stellar phenomenon NOVA
Stone and Stallone SLYS
Surfing wave ROLLER
Swear AVER
Symphony originally dedicated to Napoleon EROICA
Till stack ONES
Toledo thing COSA
Type, in Calais SORTE
Uncle Remus title BRER
University VIP DEAN
Upright Fosse? PLUMBBOB
Use for a fee RENT
Very funny sort CARD
Very long time AEONS
Vividly expressive Carney? GRAPHICART
Wall St. news IPO
Westminster landmark ABBEY
What loafers lack LACES
Where to find an idiomatic pig INAPOKE
Widespread NONLOCAL
Young socialite DEB
__ culpa MEA
__ overload SENSORY
__City: computer game SIM