- Dec 1 2019

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Clues Answers
''. . . and __ sacred Honor'' (Declaration conclusion) OUR
''Blue Hawaii'' setting OAHU
''Peanuts'' kid CHARLIE
''Reading'' to rowdies RIOTACT
''Rock-a-__ Baby'' (Elvis tune in ''Blue Hawaii'') HULA
''Same here'' DITTO
''Saving Private Ryan'' event DDAY
''Sorry, gotta run'' NOTIME
''South Park'' kid IKE
''Ten'' prefix DECA
''This is terrible!'' OHNO
''Wait, one more thank you . . .'' ALSO
''You bet!'' YES
''__ on First'' (book about Costello) LOUS
24-hr. money sources ATMS
30% of 1 Down TRI
Actor Morales ESAI
Antiquarian OLD
Arraignment statement PLEA
Bard's witchy work MACBETH
Be boastful CROW
Booster for a team FAN
Boston hoopsters, in headlines CELTS
Brewpub offerings AMBERALES
Cake topper ICER
Captivate AWE
Claim against a plaintiff [blackjack, many] COUNTERSUIT
Clay for kids PLAYDOH
Coating for some cheeses RIND
Cochise or Geronimo APACHE
Common food truck fare TACOS
Consequently THEN
Cousin of a carp CHUB
Craig predecessor as 007 BROSNAN
Day or night NOUN
Deadpan expression [poker, many] STRAIGHTFACE
Deleted STRUCK
Delight in ADORE
Drove away quickly [blackjack, whist] BURNEDRUBBER
Dude BRO
Edge of a glass LIP
Election winners INS
Elevator innovator OTIS
Enticing fragrance AROMA
Felix, vis-à-vis Oscar NEATER
Ferber novel SOBIG
Fishing with a net, perhaps RODLESS
Former Disney head EISNER
Frat letter TAU
Frat letters CHIS
Furnish for a while LEND
GM security system ONSTAR
Golden-__ corn EARED
Got __ (crushed the exam) ANA
GPS direction WSW
Gracious appraisal HOWNICE
Great anger RAGE
Greek god with wings EROS
Had been WAS
Having just walked, say ONBASE
Henry Ford II's dad EDSEL
Highway warning [poker, self-explanatory] LOWBRIDGE
Improve, as skills HONE
Indigenous ENDEMIC
Informal agreement YUP
Invalidate ANNUL
Land surrounded by ''agua'' ISLA
Lasting mark SCAR
LAX stat ETA
Like some awakenings RUDE
Lone Star State baseballers ASTROS
Clues Answers
Look over again [canasta, poker] DOUBLECHECK
Looks over again, as a manuscript REREADS
Luau finger food POI
Major disappointments [many, blackjack] HEARTBREAKS
Make a scarf KNIT
Make cherished ENDEAR
Mauna __ LOA
McNally's partner RAND
Mean and stubborn ORNERY
Metal in pewter TIN
Mideast capital BAGHDAD
Mint julep ingredient BOURBON
More breezy AIRIER
More formal in attire DRESSIER
Mr. Potato Head piece FOOT
Mr. Potato Head pieces NOSES
National spirit ETHOS
Nautical direction APORT
Nickname for Orlando OTOWN
Outmoded car-trip reference ROADATLAS
Page 1 name, July 1937 AMELIA
Paths of orbits ARCS
Pay attention to HEED
PD alert APB
Penpoints NIBS
Performs some road repair TARS
Personal connections BONDS
Personal connections TIES
Phone bk. entries NOS
Plan with copays: Abbr HMO
Potatoey appetizer SKIN
Predatory dolphin ORCA
Preside over RUN
Pretzel maker's creation KNOT
Pursues relentlessly DOGS
Put in writing SETDOWN
Raceway mishap SKID
Raw-bar selection OYSTER
Reverend's counterpart RABBI
Ring's small adornment [many, many] DIAMONDCHIP
Russian villa DACHA
Salesperson's handout [poker, many] CALLINGCARD
Sandal part STRAP
Second attempt REDO
Seek answers ASK
Seer's sighting OMEN
Server on ''Cheers'' CARLA
Sit in on a class AUDIT
Snarky SNIDE
Soccer cheer OLE
Spanish article LAS
Spoken exam ORAL
Sporty car roof TTOP
Square mile fraction ACRE
Stitched up SEWN
Stops marching HALTS
Swabbing crew [many, many] DECKHANDS
Table linens NAPERY
Taking a good look at EYING
Things learned first ABCS
Topper for 27 Across FOAM
Toulouse-Lautrec or Matisse HENRI
Trafalgar Square honoree NELSON
Triple-tier sweets OREOS
Umpire's assignment PLATE
Unit of uranium ATOM
Vader's boyhood nickname ANI
Vietnamese holiday TET
Villain of folklore OGRE
Wine sediment DREGS
Winston Churchill's son RANDOLPH
Workplace for 25 Across SHIP
__ salad (main dish with greens) COBB