The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,341 - Nov 28 2019

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Clues Answers
A vote against including Labour's first street researcher ANALYST
Affair is going ahead after one lands in US city LIAISON
Avoid love DUCK
Broadcast media getting behind most of fool's tirade JEREMIAD
Came in to land leading to tense examination of the shore LITTORAL
Church, unaltered, containing second structure CHASSIS
Desert island's brought in only so much to eat RATION
Destined to inhale oxygen or another element BORON
Evidence of wound? I'm the very thing involved -- a sword SCIMITAR
Hard stone split by instant cut STRICT
Have some weight and box, disposing of unknown TELL
House cracked externally -- something of a comedown BATHOS
I garble badly in account of some mathematics ALGEBRAIC
I really make an effort to curb the French form of worship IDOLATRY
In pursuit of power, see Tory confused about Liberal convert PROSELYTE
Kick that a gambler wants? PUNT
Clues Answers
Left work cuddled by flier in car JALOPY
Man is knocked out in middle of wild excitement -- stars seen here? URSAMINOR
Note gospel is linked to studies in religion REMARK
Number of lines in program ultimately repeated in bit of IT kit MODEM
One seeking early Asian lock HUNTRESS
Range around last items for discussion AGENDA
Run from blue deer MOOSE
Satisfied aluminium will suffice for this? METAL
Send spades with it SHIP
Sowed lines in parched surroundings DRILLED
Spice mother concealed in cannon CARDAMOM
Still name carried by tin soldier? STAGNANT
Stupid to keep mum regarding one variety of language IDIOMATIC
Succeeded getting groom to get a move on? SCURRY
Tango? Current male popular, having good co-ordination TIMING
Woman's following fool about Independent's arbiter of fashion? CLOTHIER