Universal - Nov 28 2019

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Clues Answers
"Golly!" GEE
"I accept" YES
"The Good Dinosaur" dinosaur ARLO
"Tootsie" star Garr TERI
"___ making a list ..." HES
Abrasive rock PUMICE
Actor Alan ALDA
Animal shelter LAIR
Bamboozled HAD
Bath bud CHAP
Beach acquisition SUNTAN
Berkeley's region BAYAREA
Breaking a leg? ACTING
Bun, for one UPDO
Chef Lagasse EMERIL
College cadet's org ROTC
Commercial competition ADWAR
Cookies and cream cookie OREO
Correct a tag, perhaps RELABEL
Derby's country: Abbr ENG
Dinner with a cup for Elijah SEDER
Discussion not involving the jury SIDEBAR
Do a gallery task HANG
Educators' org NEA
Eurasia's ___ Mountains URAL
Falco who played Carmela Soprano EDIE
First course of action PLANA
Fit as a fiddle HALE
Food ___ (Thanksgiving woe) COMA
France's longest river LOIRE
French for "map" ... or 21-Across, after 70-/71-Across? CARTE
Gloomy DOUR
Guide to a seat USHER
H.S. transcript figures GPAS
Home to about 90 oases SAHARA
Just managed MADEDO
Large beetle SCARAB
Large body of eau MER
Like a lawn GRASSY
Clues Answers
Like cutting in line RUDE
Marx who said "Humor is reason gone mad" GROUCHO
Massage deeply ROLF
Miracle-___ ... or 40-Across, after 70-/71-Across? GRO
Music player that once had a click wheel IPOD
New Balance rival ADIDAS
Nouveau ___ RICHE
Oblong in Egyptian hieroglyphs CARTOUCHE
Often-torn knee part: Abbr ACL
Pair DUO
Pay a visit CALLON
Pixar clown fish NEMO
Poet Lazarus EMMA
Portland college REED
Prayer before a meal GRACE
Pronoun before "art" THOU
Red or rose WINE
Result of a leadoff single ONEON
See 70-Across RELIEF
Semi RIG
Sharif of "Funny Girl" OMAR
Showing bad posture SLOUCHING
Sliver of hope RAY
Something disappointing ASHAME
Stared creepily OGLED
Steffi of tennis fame GRAF
Stronghold CITADEL
Superfan's opposite HATER
Support for a cast ... or 57-Across, after 70-/71-Across? SLING
Surrounded by AMID
Surrounded by AMONGST
Tenth of the 2010s YEAR
Texter's "I've heard enough!" TMI
That, in Tijuana ESO
The "N" of N.B NOTA
Untrustworthy, to a Brit DODGY
With 71-Across, Bengay's purpose ... or this puzzle's theme PAIN
Words-minute link PER
___ Vanilli MILLI