The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,219 - Nov 27 2019

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Clues Answers
Chap concealing weapon must get something to wear GARMENT
Clever clogs losing shoe, feels pain SMARTS
Cleverly laid Tory off ADROITLY
Colour in detail on game having been given a lift MAGNOLIA
Confused situation resulting from gold found in abundance MORASS
Conscious of a revolutionary green source of energy AWARE
Cosmetic used by nameless man covering a sign of injury MASCARA
Decay surrounding old part of tooth ROOT
Designer needing skill to incorporate hectic working ARCHITECT
Diamonds stolen from landowner's hiding places LAIRS
Distinguishing feature of hotel brand accommodating everybody HALLMARK
Doctor ordering triages between runs REGISTRAR
First go red and blue for example PRIMARYCOLOUR
Isolated appearances reveal cuts OUTCROPS
Job facing a student of letters POSTAL
Clues Answers
Liable to steal clear and end grief, possibly LIGHTFINGERED
Mental aberration dismissing start of balmy weather event RAINSTORM
Military display work on body TATTOO
Pair of mothers welcoming good soft rock MAGMA
Parrot's speech offensive to some extent ECHO
Sailors paid, oddly, in anticipation for dance HORNPIPE
Scientific study encompassing many branches FORESTRY
Souvenir pieces impounded by London police ring MEMENTO
Stone from Ulster incorporated into fireplace GRANITE
Suffers from a case of gas, stifling horrible noise AGONISES
Thin European crushed by boxes SPARSE
Trouble with a kid being uncomfortable ILLATEASE
Unfortunately it's a dopy state that's as far from perfection as possible DYSTOPIA
What doctor will do for delicacy? TREAT
Works hard to see constituencies adopting women SWEATS