USA Today - Jan 23 2020

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Clues Answers
'Forever' post-office purchase STAMP
'Get lost!' SCRAM
'Moonlight' actor Sanders ASHTON
'The Martian' actress Kate MARA
'Who's there?' response ITSME
'You can't be serious!' CMON
A handful of SOME
Acknowledged applause, perhaps BOWED
Act hammily, perhaps EMOTE
Alternative to AOL GMAIL
Angry outburst TIRADE
Beginning on ASOF
Blemishes and such MARKS
Burnett with a namesake Golden Globe CAROL
Clip wool from SHEAR
Cluttered state MESS
Computer command after 'copy' PASTE
Cry of distress YELP
Cry of distress YOWL
Currency in Milan EURO
Damp WET
Farmland measure ACRE
Feed false information LIETO
Felt pain ACHED
Flout the rules CHEAT
Food associated with Tuesdays TACO
Forged works of art, e.g FAKES
Furnace output HEAT
Gets less firm SAGS
Glittery strands TINSEL
Grab with a toothpick STAB
Greek island home to Knossos CRETE
Hard to lift HEAVY
Has a bug AILS
Herbal beverages TEAS
Historical periods ERAS
Kentucky's nickname BLUEGRASSSTATE
Clues Answers
Media watchdog agcy FCC
Moose relatives ELKS
Much of the time ALOT
Muscat native OMANI
Mystical light field AURA
No longer damp DRY
Novelist Zola EMILE
Old standbys MAINSTAYS
Oyster ___ (Chinese takeout container) PAIL
Part of a plan STEP
Particle studied in physics ATOM
Persian Gulf nation IRAN
Place for a belt WAIST
Place for Christmas lights EAVE
Portable music player WIRELESSSPEAKER
Predatory feline LION
Regular customer PATRON
Revises for publication EDITS
Rights org. since 1920 ACLU
Rocket sections NOSECONES
Rupi Kaur creation POEM
Shelter rescue PET
Sportscaster Holly ROWE
Succulent plant ALOE
Taker of minutes on a student council CLASSSECRETARY
Thorny flower ROSE
Took a break RESTED
Top of a rotunda, often DOME
Trike rider TOT
Upper-echelon ELITE
View from a porthole OCEAN
Watches the kids SITS
Widespread RIFE
Wing measurement SPAN
___ it down (got quieter) TONED
___ pants CAMO
___ Plaines, Illinois DES