Universal - Nov 27 2019

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Clues Answers
"Frozen 2" snow queen ELSA
"I couldn't agree more!" YESINDEED
"Peter Pan" fairy TINKERBELL
"You ___ seen nothing yet!" AINT
'60s hallucinogen LSD
1-Across' country, to a 1-Across ITALIA
15th-century Peruvian INCA
A long time ___ AGO
A new ___ on life LEASE
Ball-balancing aquarium resident SEAL
Baseball's World ___ SERIES
Bird that glides when swimming SWAN
Boot's end TOE
Bound to tell the truth UNDEROATH
Brewpub order ALE
Bring into play USE
Cannonball launcher? DIVINGBOARD
Chinese currency YUAN
Clips coupons, say SAVES
Common time for a student club, or a hint to the ends of 17-, 24-, 39- and 49-Across AFTERSCHOOL
Copier tray abbr LTR
Coral producers POLYPS
Corn bread and coleslaw, often SIDES
CPR expert EMT
Damage beyond repair TOTAL
Digital advertiser's measures CLICKS
Emergency signal SOS
End of an intimidating warning ORELSE
Explosive sticks TNT
Fez or kepi HAT
Ghana's capital ACCRA
Gibbon or gorilla APE
Glorify EXALT
Harvest REAP
Helped through adversity, with "over" TIDED
Holding capacity? ARMFUL
Hypnotic stupor TRANCE
It's hidden backward in "strands" DNA
Clues Answers
Jamaican who follows Jah RASTA
Justice Kagan ELENA
L.A.'s land USA
Like many old coins RARE
Likelihood ODDS
Moses' mount SINAI
Motown genre SOUL
Neither rhyme ___ reason NOR
Non-palindromic sib BRO
Oceanographer's study SEA
Office number: Abbr STE
One may be unsung HERO
Palindromic sib SIS
Person from Florence, e.g TUSCAN
Piece of classroom furniture DESK
Popped up AROSE
Prerelease versions BETAS
Pro with a bow ARCHER
Put into office ELECT
Reason for a food recall ECOLI
Remind again and again NAG
Run-down WEARY
Scrabble draw that can go in front of NEATEN UTILE
Silent acknowledgment NOD
Skating sites RINKS
Sticky pine substance RESIN
Submerged ridge SHOAL
Take into custody ARREST
Teen heartthrobs IDOLS
Thumbs-down vote NAY
Thumbs-up vote AYE
Trinity member HOLYSPIRIT
Turns white PALES
Unit of forestland ACRE
Veto NIX
Warmth HEAT
Welcome mat's place STOOP
What Popsicles do on hot days MELT
Windows, for example OPERATINGSYSTEM