Universal - Nov 26 2019

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Clues Answers
"BTW, what I think ..." IMO
"Do Ya" rock grp ELO
"False!" on a playground ISNOT
"I am who I am" THATSME
"Say what?" HUH
"Southern Ivy" in Atlanta EMORY
"The Pit and the Pendulum" writer POE
"___ Were a Boy" (Beyonce song) IFI
*"Can I get a beer menu?" WHATSON
*Contemporary times HISTORY
*Defensive football players BACKERS
*Fruity dip PEACHMANGO
*One may go either way at the ballot box STATEVOTER
*Town's central meeting spot VILLAGE
a or b, in the Pythagorean theorem LEG
African country with a red, white and blue flag LIBERIA
Army gear, informally CAMO
Big book TOME
Certain salmon COHO
Chimney buildup SOOT
Clip-___ (ties you don't tie) ONS
Club sandwich relative, briefly BLT
Color-changing rings "read" them MOODS
Contests with many moves, or a hint to the starred answers' outside-the-grid parts DANCEOFFS
Dark ___ (black magic) ARTS
Empty space GAP
Engage fully IMMERSE
Fight stoppers: Abbr TKOS
Fish in a Japanese garden KOI
Flap your gums YAP
Forensic evidence of a wheel RUT
Genealogical procedure DNATEST
Idyllic garden EDEN
III, in modern Rome TRE
Ingrid's "Casablanca" role ILSA
Jam time, slangily SESH
Like leprechauns IRISH
Little peek LOOKSEE
Clues Answers
Manolo ___ shoes BLAHNIK
Melted mess GOO
Metamorphosis casings Cocoons
Method of sending docs FTP
Mid-body joint HIP
Milano's country ITALIA
Mine explosive TNT
Moneymakers EARNERS
Most frilly LACIEST
Movie preview TRAILER
Old Russian rulers TSARS
Opposed to AGAINST
Out of the rain INDOORS
Parent in many TV shoutouts MOM
Particle such as Iron(III) ION
Place in groups ASSORT
Plug part PRONG
Prefix with "represent" MIS
Sampled TASTED
Series with Capt. Picard TNG
Sighs of relief AHS
Skater Lipinski TARA
Slangy affirmative YEP
Stack overflow? SYRUP
Syllable before "la la" TRA
Things to let simmer SAUCEPOTS
Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, e.g DUO
Tolkien kingdom with many horses (NORAH anagram) ROHAN
Trail mix morsels NUTS
Tried to talk to a cat MEOWED
Type ILK
Vice ___ VERSA
VJs' channel MTV
Witch trials city SALEM
X, to Electra CHI
___ and board ROOM
___ pop SODA