- Nov 26 2019

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Clues Answers
''Let's get going!'' CMON
''My country, __ of thee . . .'' TIS
''Toodle-oo!'' TATA
''__ about time!'' ITS
Accord automaker HONDA
Ancient legends MYTHS
Angry tirade RANT
Any farm harvest CROP
Be adjacent to ABUT
Before dawn EARLY
Benefactor DONOR
Bert's Muppet pal ERNIE
Best possible IDEAL
Breathe quickly PANT
Brontë's ''Jane'' __ EYRE
Clinton's vice president GORE
Closer to reality TRUER
Clothesline alternative DRYER
Cravings YENS
Drew to a close ENDED
Drugstore PHARMACY
Enormous BIG
Episodes of anger RAGES
Feeling achy SORE
Feeling sad BLUE
Fish eggs ROE
Forbidden thing TABOO
Former name of India's city Mumbai BOMBAY
Gas that glows in signs NEON
Gave out the cards DEALT
Give approval ASSENT
Hidden supply STASH
Holder of corn kernels EAR
Hoofbeat sound CLOP
Lamb's dad RAM
Lawyer's court summary CLOSINGARGUMENT
List of options MENU
Madcap comedy FARCE
Make turbulent ROIL
Clues Answers
Manually stitched HANDSEWN
Mess up ERR
Messy place STY
Midtown lodging HOTEL
Monumental story EPIC
Mountain lion PUMA
Mystical glow AURA
New __ (capital of India) DELHI
Of the mouth ORAL
On-stage hosts EMCEES
One on a horse RIDER
Overcharge greatly GOUGE
Per item EACH
Physicians' org AMA
Pizzeria appliance OVEN
Poor, as an excuse LAME
Pre-election face-off CANDIDATEDEBATE
Prepare for a test STUDY
Pronoun for a ship SHE
Prophetic sign OMEN
Recipe amts TSPS
Remove creases in IRON
Reversal on a road UTURN
Shabby looking SEEDY
State firmly AVOW
Stay clear of AVOID
Stinging remark BARB
Synagogue teacher RABBI
Take, as advice HEED
Tennis pro Kournikova ANNA
TV awards EMMYS
Two-nation spat over territory BOUNDARYDISPUTE
Type of heron EGRET
Very uncommon event RARITY
Vicinity AREA
Volcanic flow LAVA
Votes from those in favor AYES
WWII-era president FDR
__ de Cologne EAU