Wall Street Journal - Nov 26 2019 - Bottom Feeders

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Clues Answers
Academic suspect in a Clue game PROFESSORPLUM
Angler’s tool ROD
BBC car show TOPGEAR
BBs, e.g AMMO
Boxer’s sound ARF
Business end? INC
Chafing dish warmer STERNO
Chinese dynasty from 1368 to 1644 MING
City on Hawaii’s eastern coast HILO
Croquet setting LAWN
Decked out DIDUP
Display cabinet ETAGERE
Dress (up) TOG
Easy pickings, and a feature of 4-, 9-, 17- and 23-Down LOWHANGINGFRUIT
Emanation from R2-D2 BEEP
Essential things NEEDS
Extend, as a home ADDONTO
Fanning of “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” DAKOTA
Four-time LPGA Tour Player of the Year Ochoa LORENA
Frantic signal SOS
Fraternity letter ETA
Fun time GAS
Gambler’s calculation ODDS
Game with mallets POLO
Hoedown seat BALE
How neglected things go TOSEED
Iran and Iraq were two of its founding members OPEC
Iraq War justification, for short WMD
Is audibly unhappy SOBS
It flows into the Colorado near Yuma GILA
It often follows neither NOR
Kvetch GRIPE
Lacking locks BALD
Less confining LOOSER
Clues Answers
Love, in Lyon AMOUR
Luke’s mentor YODA
Magnetic metal IRON
Make a choice OPT
Margaret Mead study site SAMOA
Max Build-Up Remover brand DRANO
Missy Elliott’s music RAP
Mushroom Kingdom royal in Nintendo games PRINCESSPEACH
Musical Yoko ONO
Nest egg choice IRA
No longer feral TAME
Note from the boss SEEME
Novel framework PLOT
Orchestra member OBOE
Perfect grade APLUS
Queen of Jordan NOOR
Sacred beetle SCARAB
Singer Tori AMOS
Siouan tribe OTOE
Soak up SOP
Spice from a purple crocus SAFFRON
Steroids, for short PEDS
Talk or easy listening, e.g FORMAT
Text from the marketing department ADCOPY
Theater company’s stock of plays REPERTOIRE
Tim Roth’s role in “Reservoir Dogs” MISTERORANGE
Title for a countess LADY
Title role for Johnny Depp GILBERTGRAPE
Unstable subatomic particle MUON
Wall part beneath a pitched roof GABLE
Went over the limit SPED
Won, for one HOMONYM
Word on a penny UNUM
___ Domini ANNO