Irish Times (Simplex) - Nov 26 2019

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Clues Answers
Angular distance above the horizon ALTITUDE
At no time NEVER
Black-and-white diving bird AUK
Boundary between the US and Mexico RIOBRAVO
Chopping tool AXE
Come to an arrangement with the bench? SETTLE
Crab, cooking or eating fruit APPLE
Criminals and bishops' staves CROOKS
Desire to satisfy a need APPETITE
Determines the dimensions MEASURES
Disagree DIFFER
Discovered by digging UNEARTHED
Doleful, plaintive MOURNFUL
Electronic medium RADIO
Fervent, perhaps militant, proponent ZEALOT
Five US cents NICKEL
Horse's head in chess KNIGHT
Interwoven strands, braids PLAITS
Clues Answers
Irritation, anger IRE
It magnifies distant objects TELESCOPE
It's said to prove a rule EXCEPTION
Living quarters of wives in a Muslim household HAREM
Metal container CAN
Points where lines intersect ANGLES
Rates of movement SPEEDS
Referencing, referring to CITING
Routes, tracks PATHS
Selected CHOSE
Shout in approval CHEER
Sitting duck, defenceless victim EASYMARK
Small openings in the skin PORES
Small stream or gutter RUNNEL
Strange pea snack for Shrove Tuesday PANCAKES
Temple on the Athenian Acropolis PARTHENON
Thinly dispersed SPARSE
Travel document PASSPORT