Jonesin' - Nov 26 2019

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Clues Answers
#1 concern? PEE
'99 Luftballons' German singer NENA
'Fireside chat' monogram FDR
'Gloves are off' ITSON
'Horrors!' GASP
'House' actor Omar EPPS
'Incoming golf ball!' FORE
'London Warsaw New York' musician born in Poland BASIA
'Person of the Year' awarder TIME
'Shepherd Moons' singer ENYA
'The Many Loves of ___ Gillis' DOBIE
'Us' actress Lupita NYONGO
'___ one, think that ...' IFOR
1949 alliance NATO
2019 debaters, for short DEMS
Actor who's all about the money? ROBERTDINERO
American-born former queen of Jordan NOOR
At ___ cost ANY
Autobiographies, two by two? PAIRSOFLIVES
Bedroom furniture wood OAK
Big expense in blockbuster films CGI
Boxed soup and bouillon brand KNORR
Boxer botherer FLEA
Bring back on REHIRE
Cold-___ (zinc-based brand) EEZE
Common Market abbr., once EEC
Depilatory brand with 'short shorts' ads, once NAIR
Deprive of weapons UNARM
Drum teacher's session LESSON
Emphatic words after 'There!' ISAIDIT
Entered CAMEIN
Formerly Portuguese Indian territory GOA
Fraud-monitoring agcy FTC
Freudian topic EGO
Gaming company behind 'Assassin's Creed' and 'Just Dance' UBISOFT
Gel in jellies PECTIN
Get out quick FLEE
Golf equipment IRONS
Clues Answers
Grammy-winning bossa nova musician Gilberto JOAO
Grateful Dead bassist Phil LESH
He was famous for fables AESOP
Hijinks ANTICS
In a wild way AMOK
Inexpensive '80s keyboard manufacturer CASIO
It has a round cover MANHOLE
Judge's seat, in court BANC
Lennon partner ONO
Light benders PRISMS
Like mud or slime OOZY
Lovejoy on 'The Simpsons,' e.g REV
Natural gas add-in ODOR
Nine Inch Nails founder Reznor TRENT
Online financial services company focused on student loans SOFI
Orchestra's tuning instrument OBOE
Part of the mnemonic HOMES ERIE
Point opposite WNW ESE
Pro wrestler John CENA
Professional org ASSN
Public uprisings RIOTS
Reattaches a tomato to a plant (but in a messy way)? REPINSONTHEVINE
Roll call on a ship? CHECKINOFTHESEA
Romanov royal of Russia TSAR
Short-term earning opportunities TEMPJOBS
Source of some milk SOY
Step in the shower? RINSE
Strait of Hormuz country IRAN
Survival group? FITTEST
Swede's neighbor FINN
Tiny unit of work ERG
Unit of gold or silver? ATOM
Val Kilmer, in 'Top Gun' ICEMAN
Wall-E's love interest EVE
Wally's TV brother, with 'the' BEAV
Window shopper, essentially EYER
Winter footwear OVERSHOE
___ Yun (performing arts company with ubiquitous ads) SHEN